How to remove Instagram account — Best Practices

Today, social networks are becoming increasingly popular and Instagram is among them, but some are bored, so it would be helpful to understand how to remove the Instagram account for all or for some time.

Temporary removal of Instagram account

This method can be performed with both the phone and a computer, although there are some nuances.

Step 1. Log in to your page on the social network (if you have a registered account). This is done in a standard way — go on, enter the username and password, click «Login».

Step 2. Next, press the inscription on behalf of the account. It is located in the upper right corner.

Step 3. Click on the «Edit profile» on the page that appears. This button is only one, so that it will be difficult to not to see it there.

Step 4. Scroll down to find the words «temporarily block my account.» Press it.

Step 5. You will find yourself on the block page. Here you need to specify the reason for removal from the list.

Step 6. Once the reason for blocking is selected, you must enter the password in the field, highlighted with a green frame on the image below and click on «Temporarily disable account.»

If you want to make all these manipulations through the phone, for example, on iPhone or Android it will not work. It is necessary to log on through some of the browsers and already there to do all the above steps.

remove Instagram account

How to delete Instagram account?

Besides the fact that Instagram account can be temporarily blocked, it can also be removed completely. The difference is that it is impossible to recover a deleted account. The system automatically deletes all data on the deleted record over time.

Step 1. Authorize.

Step 2. Go to the link to be deleted. It looks like this:

Step 3. Admins in Instagram want to know why the records are removed in their social network, so for the removal of the page, too, you need to enter the reason for the removal (as before, highlighted by a red frame in the figure above).

Step 4. After you select the reason for the removal, we suggest to read the rules for beginners or any article (underlined with a red line in the photo below). Enter the password in the field, highlighted in green, and click on the button «permanently delete my account.»

Restoring a blocked account

So, if you have decided to temporarily suspend your account, and do not remove it permanently, then over time you can return to Instagram. You need only to go to the login page ( or just go through the manner described above, there enter your login and password.

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