Com surrogate в Windows 10 – what is this?


The com surrogate process is one of the components of the Windows system program, which is designed to help process COM + process actions when applying various communication programs to the Internet.

What is the reason for the appearance of the com surrogate process?

The reason for the error is most often the following:

  • possible attempt to open broken video files and images;
  • The likelihood that codecs are obsolete or damaged;
  • The likelihood of a dangerous virus.

The Windows system program, encountering various errors of syntactic nature, can loop code action and use a large number of resources to solve it. As a result, com surrogate loads the system.

Under the com surrogate process, a virus can also be disguised. With this option, you can observe the following patterns:

  • In the presence of a virus, the operation of a laptop or personal computer can be significantly slowed down, and sometimes Windows may even hang;
  • You quite often observe that software products for working with the Internet or browsers hang;
  • instability of connection to the network;
  • Most editors (for text or graphics), as well as players can be started, but there are errors;
  • when you start the «Task Manager» function, you can observe that about five processes are running dllhost.exe;
  • There is a load of work of the computer about 50%, and sometimes the indicators can reach 95-100%.

In order to finally understand whether the process com surrogate virus infection, you need to carefully examine the location of the file. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Call the task manager. To do this, right-click the start button.
  • Go to processes. Next, you need to find the dllhost.exe file and select the «Open file storage» tab.
  • If after the above steps you move to the C: \ Windows \ System32 or C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 directory, then in this case it’s safe to say that this is a component of the COM + system.
  • in case you have moved to the Download or Temp folder, here it is already a question of infection with a virus.

If a com surrogate error occurs in the case of a virus infection with Windows, then initially any antivirus needs to identify a malicious program. To do this, run a deep check. After that, the software product must be removed.

How to fix dllhost error error exe com surrogate

So, there was an error dllhost exe com surrogate. Let’s consider some simple examples that will allow us to eliminate this type of error and normalize the operation of the computer.

If the cause is outdated codec, then they must be removed. They provoke incorrect operation of the system when processing certain files. Often problems arise only with some specific format. Therefore, it is better to remove the old codecs, and then download and install new ones. To do this, execute the following commands:

  • Right-click on the «Start» menu and select the «Programs and Features» tab;
  • Next select the patch codecs. There are two versions: K-Lite Codec Pack or TheHDvid-Codec. Click on the right button and delete.
  • After that, a new version of the codecs is searched, downloaded and installed. You can download them here

In the case where it is clear that the problem lies in the com surrogate process, while the performance of your computer slows down significantly, you can use the «Data Execution Prevention» feature to eliminate it. To do this, you must perform the following actions:

  • Select the system in the main context menu.
  • Click on the advanced options.
  • Select the «Advanced» tab. After that we need the «Performance» tab, where the «Options» button is selected.
  • after that we need to go to the required tab and activate the option «Enable DEP for everyone except»;
  • From the bottom, you must insert the path C: \ Windows \ System32 \ dllhost.exe.

How to remove an error when the surrogate com program does not work if the file is directly in damaged files? We use the Resource Monitor component. To do this, you must do the following:

  • Open the main menu and type a query in the search bar.
  • Check dllhost.exe;
  • At the next stage, the «Descriptors» tab is expanded;
  • There is a line with the entry «Error»;
  • After that, this file is selected and deleted.

Another option is to fix the error with the help of the DISM utility. This will require:

  • Press the right button on start.
  • After that, you need to set the command DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / ScanHealth
  • After scanning, it is necessary to restore the functions with the command DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / RestoreHealth.

After performing one of these actions, your PC should work, and the com surrogate process will stop shipping it.

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