How to Use Windows Defender Malware Protection on Windows 10?

A week ago, Microsoft announced that the Defender Windows (Windows Defender) for Enterprise users will be able to include protection against potentially unwanted programs and malware (Adware, Malware, «invaders browser» and others).

Despite the fact that most users have installed versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Home or Professional, and the emergence of new features was announced only for the Enterprise, it was shown that enabling detection of malicious programs with the same success can be done in Windows Defender in conventional versions of the OS.

In this article we provide more details about the malicious and unwanted software, and why the presence of only anti-virus on a computer sometimes is not enough.

How to enable protection against unwanted software in Windows Defender?

To activate the security features of Adware and Malware you need to make one new value in the Windows registry.

  1. To do this, start the Registry Editor (keys Win + R, in the «Run» box, type regedit and press Enter).
  2. In the Registry Editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows Defender
  3. Click on the name of Windows Defender, right-click, select «New» — «New partition», give it a name MpEngine
  4. Under MpEngine, selectit in the right pane of the Registry Editor, click Start — type DWORD (32-bit), name it MpEnablePus (and even if you have a 64-bit version of Windows, the option must still be 32-bit).
  5. Set the value of 1 (one) for this parameter.

Then close the Registry Editor and restart your computer. If in the future you will need to disable the protection against malicious software, you can either change the value to zero or remove it completely from the registry.

Note that when security is enabled by malicious programs, some programs you downloaded may not start .

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