How to fix error 0x80070643 in Microsoft Security Essentials

The computer often stops after displaying the error 0x80070643 when you run a particular program. These error 0x80070643 messages may appear during the installation process, when the program is associated with the Microsoft Corporation (for example, Microsoft Security Essentials), when you start or shut down Windows, or even when you install the Windows operating system.

0x80070643 in Microsoft Security Essentials

Error 0x80070643 reasons

  • Damaged loading or incomplete installation of Microsoft Security Essentials software.
  • Damage to the Microsoft Security Essentials registry because of the recent changes in the software (installation or removal) associated with Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • A virus or malicious software that damaged Windows file or program files associated with Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • Another program maliciously or mistakenly deleted the files associated with Microsoft Security Essentials.

The following describes the sequence of steps to resolve the issue, designed to solve the problem with error 0x80070643. This sequence is shown in order from simple to complex and from a less time-consuming to the longest ones, so we strongly recommend you to follow these instructions in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure of time and effort.

  1. Restore the registry entries associated with the error 0x80070643
    Editing the Windows registry by hand to remove the keys with error 0x80070643 is not recommended if you are not an expert in PC maintenance. Errors in editing the registry can lead to a malfunction of your computer and cause irreparable damage to your operating system. In fact, even a comma, set in the wrong place, can prevent the computer boost.

    Using a registry clean, you can automate the process of finding invalid registry entries, references to missing files (for example, causes of error 0x80070643), and broken links in the registry. Before each scan program automatically backs up the data, allowing you to cancel any changes by one click and protect you from possible damage to the computer. The best part is that the elimination of the registry errors can dramatically increase the speed and performance of the system.

  1. Conduct a full scan of your computer for malicious software
    There is a possibility that the error 0x80070643 may be due to the reflection of your computer with malware. These malicious attackers can harm or even delete files related to errors at run time. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the error 0x80070643 is associated with the component damaged by malware.
  1. Clear the system temporary files and folders by using the Disk Cleanup
    Over time, your computer accumulates unnecessary files in connection with the ordinary Internet surfing and everyday computer use. If such unwanted files sometimes are not removed, they can lead to performance degradation or Microsoft Security Essentials error 0x80070643, possibly due to file conflicts or overload of your hard drive. Deleting these temporary files using the Disk Cleanup tool can not only eliminate the error 0x80070643, but also significantly improve the performance of your computer.
  1. Update device drivers on your computer
    Error 0x80070643 may be associated with damage or aging of device drivers. Drivers can easily work today and stop working tomorrow for a variety of reasons. The good news is that most often you can update device drivers to fix the problem with error 0x80070643.
  1. Use Windows System Restore to «cancel» recent changes in the system
    Windows System Restore allows your computer to «go back in time» to fix the problem with error 0x80070643. System Restore can restore system files and programs on your computer to the time it worked fine. It could potentially help you avoid headaches by eliminating errors associated with 0x80070643.
  1. Uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Security Essentials
  2. Install all the available Windows updates

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