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There are a few things that may seem like luxuries, but they are very important. One of those things is TV backlights. They look really cool and really accentuate the design style of your home, so in a way it’s safe to say that having one is a good purchase. One of the main purposes of a backlit TV is to create a relaxing atmosphere in the room while watching your favorite movie or show. You can also use it in games to enjoy the moment.

It also helps reduce eye strain because it provides a more neutral focus when it comes to color and contrast in a dark room. This ensures comfortable viewing when the lights in the room are off. If you’ve wanted one of these cool lights for a long time, you’ll love the options I’ve listed in this article.

How does the TV backlighting work?

How does the TV backlighting work

Also known as «polarized lighting», the TV light is the bulb that illuminates the TV screen. Once installed, it provides more than just great aesthetics and good ambiance. It helps eliminate headaches and eye strain, and improves image quality. This is because it increases the contrast of the picture on the screen.

As you know, every product is different and has different features, but there are some features that all modern TV backlights have, or at least should have. Here are some of them:

  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Auto color change synchronized with sound, monitor and music.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Can be controlled through an app.
  • If you know you might fall asleep watching something, the sleep mode will automatically turn off the light.
  • Voice control for convenience.
  • Adjustable to suit your taste.

Not to mention, they should also be easy to install. Now that we know what to look for in a TV backlight, let’s move on to the list.

Govee TV LED Lights

Govee TV LED Lights

This TV backlight, called Govee, offers a lot of features at a budget price. In my opinion, this product offers a lot of features that even some of the more expensive models do not. It does a great job of enhancing your surroundings and reducing eye strain.

Other features include:

  • 64 dynamic scene modes with various lighting effects.
  • Smart voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • 180 LED light beads for softer illumination.
  • 12V power supply.
  • Wi-i and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Synchronizes music and lights.

Govee LED TV bulbs are designed for TVs with larger screen sizes, i.e. 48-55 inches and 65-75 inches. Installation is quite simple and easy and its flexible cable completes it.

It can cover 4 sides of 44-55 inch TVs and 3 sides of 65-75 inch TVs. We recommend mounting it on a flat back TV, computer monitor or anywhere as long as there is a horizontal surface.

Nexillumi LED lighting fixtures

Nexillumi LED lighting fixtures

Made for TVs measuring 55-43, 65-75 and 75-85 inches, the Nexillumi LED light comes in a variety of size options for you to choose from. It comes in 16 million colors that you can change and play with to suit your mood and purpose.

These LED strips can be used on your TV, computer or even laptop to enhance the background. It is also important to note that this product has a very low power consumption (5V) so you can be sure that it will not get very hot. It is even safe for children.

It comes with an app that you can use to control the settings, set resolutions, and even set alarms to turn off the lights at certain times. Along with the product, you also get a remote control for easy control from the couch, bed or armchair.

Govee RGBIC TV LED Backlight

Govee RGBIC TV LED Backlight

The Govee RGBIC LED backlight for TV is another excellent offset LED backlight from the same company, and it does as good a job as the previous ones on the list.

It is 6.56 feet long and fits TVs and other screens from 30-50 inches.

  • Here are some great features of this TV’s backlighting.
  • Multi-scene mode.
  • Music synchronization to adapt the lighting to your favorite songs.
  • 60 LED beads for softer illumination.
  • Change colors as needed.

You can control the TV’s backlight using the included Govee Home app, which connects via Bluetooth. You can use the app to adjust brightness, turn lights on/off, switch lighting, etc.

Bason TV Backlight

Bason TV Backlight

Definitely suitable for bedroom lighting, the Barson TV Backlight has a great range of options that you can play with as you see fit. It has 8 levels of brightness that can be manually adjusted with a single touch.

You can also change the different visual dynamic modes to further enhance the viewing experience. In addition, it can be powered by a power bank, making it useful outdoors when needed.

It is very easy to install, can be connected via USB and has a voltage of only 5V, which means that it generates very little heat even after long periods of use.

Daybetter LED Lights

Daybetter LED Lights

Reduce eye strain with the Daybetter LED bulb. This is a USB-powered RGB LED light bar designed for 65-75 inch TVs with impressive features such as.

  • Dynamic flicker mode.
  • Color-changing music that syncs with songs, games and movies.
  • Sleep mode with specific running time settings.
  • Low heat generation, portable and can be used with power bank.
  • Robust LED strips for better fixation.
  • DIY mode for customization.

Setup can be controlled via the app or remote control. Overall, it’s a great option to consider, and the fact that it offers 16 million colors to choose from makes it even better.

SL1 LED TV Backlight

SL1 LED TV Backlight

Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, the SL1 LED TV light strip is another great product that offers a lot at an affordable price. It’s a dimmable RGB light strip that attaches to the back of your TV, laptop, computer, etc. It gives your home a modern look and can be attached to shelves, tables, beds and walls if you like.

Lytmi Neo-Pop

Lytmi Neo-Pop

The slightly more expensive Lemay new popular music may not be the most affordable TV backlight, but it definitely justifies its price. Depending on what is playing on the screen, the light can blink, dance, dim and brighten. Basically, it syncs up nicely with anything, whether it’s music or video.

Now, here’s the real deal. Each of the product’s strips of light has 48 ARGBs/m, which means that each strip can display different brightnesses and colors, and you have full control over it. In fact, it offers high color fidelity thanks to its 500 pixel dots.

It tracks any color on the screen and syncs with it to provide the best home theater experience. One of the best features of this product is that you can cut the length and fit any screen as long as it is in the range of 0-120 inches.

You can control the lights with your voice, app and remote control.

Miume LED Backlight

Miume LED Backlight

Install the Miume LED backlight on your flat screen TV or computer and use the included app and remote to control it. It’s safe to use because it doesn’t heat up and is safe for children.

Highlights include music synchronized color changing, IP65 water resistance and a flexible strap. It’s also very easy to install and it has a lifespan of over 10 years, which makes things even more enjoyable.

Govee DreamView T1

Govee DreamView T1

Govee DreamView T1’s backlit TV can simulate the screen very well and it will be a great addition to your home. It has rich RGBIC backlight colors and softly disperses to ensure comfortable viewing.

With this device, you can be completely hands-free as it is compatible with smart home devices such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. You can control everything with your voice, including brightness levels, color palettes and on/off.

Overall, it’s not the most affordable backlighting option for your TV, but it’s definitely worth a try because of the great features it offers.

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