Battlefield 1 guide — Assault, Medic, Scout, and tech support best builds


Create a unique outfit in BF1 requires a bit more sophistication than previous games in the series. And all because of the fact that most of the weapons are variations of each other. And because the game classes are more specialized, without any types of weapons to agnostics.

The top equipment contains the equipment that is entirely designed to serve a specific purpose, rather than just provide you with a good weapon or a gun fit. Roughly speaking, to build BF1 dictated to you by your style of play. Services that in this way you will learn the ways of its passage, which are not even considered previously.

Stormtrooper Class: Gas Cutter

Weapon choice — M97 Model 10-A or gas grenades Hellfighter + + Luger pistol

Today — this is one of the most powerful builds. In principle, all its meaning is to crush your enemies with gas — so they either fell back or put on gas masks. The enemies masks have a limited viewing angle, which puts them at a disadvantage. Since you do not need to aim with a shotgun, then it gives you a great advantage and increases efficiency. This means that you will have an excellent opportunity to disable multiple enemies before they realize where the fire is.

Luger pistol — one of the best in terms of accuracy of fire. Taking into account that occasionally you will fight in a room full of enemies, your main weapon is over, in the interval between recharging you just need a reliable and proven gun that had to finish the rest.

In this build, you can also replace the shotgun rifle M1918. It has a high accuracy of fire and an incredible rate. Note cartridges end up in it very quickly.

Stormtrooper Class: Armor Destroyer

Weapon choice: MP18 + M1911 + rocket launcher + Dynamite + light antitank grenade

The main objective has always been the enemy stormtroopers equipment. Without a doubt, it is this class is the greatest threat to those who are in armored vehicles. And this outfit is focused specifically on it to destroy these enemies.

MP18 is available for all stormtroopers earlier. And in general, it will be one of the best models of weapons for the class, which works fine at close range. The rest of the gadgets are aimed solely at to pierce armor. It is recommended to keep this a present class in the game and switch to it in a situation where the enemy dominates on the battlefield, taking advantage of technology.

In addition, grenades and dynamite cope quite well with the destruction of the infantry, if that becomes necessary.

Medic class: Ranged support

Weapon choice: Mondragon Sniper + bag + medical + rifle grenade smoke grenade

If you prefer to stay a bit behind your mates, but still want to help the team, this equipment gives you access to the long-range rifle and opportunities not only to suppress the enemy fire, but also needlessly stress snipers. Bandages will quickly restore your health, but the main advantage is due to the smoke and rifle grenades.

Smoke grenades are perfect for storming and operations, or when you need a few seconds to neutralize the enemy sniper, or step on a well-protected front line and be a witness of how your comrades fall and writhe in pain, one after another. Throw one to help the team move forward.

Support Class: Frontline Fighter

Weapon choice: Madsen MG Storm + + Luger pistol ammunition box with explosives +

Support Class in BF1 significantly changed and not very similar to the familiar to us from previous parts of the series, which makes the game quite difficult for a support. And all because of the vital need to carefully handle the non-standard set of weapons. However, this equipment is the closest that we have from assault rifles at their level of accuracy and usefulness of the previous parts of the series.

Madsen MG Storm — extremely accurate light machine gun with a great capacity to successfully carry out any task. You can use it as close, and in the medium ranges without the need to hold the trigger for a long time, in order to improve the accuracy (the accuracy of the machine guns in the BF1 increases with time). Luger pistol — a great weapon at close range, and with Madsen MG Storm it all the more decent form combos in the style of BF4.

You and your teammates will need a regular supply of ammunition. In contrast to the bags, with the ammunition box contains also explosives and ammunition may issue multiple people at once. Strictly speaking, you will not run and hunt with this build. So it is better to sit still for a few seconds every time you have the chance to throw a box of ammunition, and thus help to keep your teammates are well stocked at the front.

If you need to spread the locked doors or destroy armor, explosives will make it. Ended? No problem, just use the box!

Support Class: Mortar

Weapon choice: Lewis Gun Suppressive + M1911 + box + mortar ammunition

This build is for those who are not very familiar with the peculiarities of the class. As well as those who prefer to play a supporting role, not a stormtrooper. The local Lewis Gun exemplary suitable for suppressing the enemy and has enough ammunition to detain them for a while — effectively preventing the slightest attempt to shoot the add.

Since the main battlefield will be for you all kinds of trenches and ditches, mortar will be another device that you will be able to help the team. Especially now that the very high capacity of mortars. Not to mention the purely intuitive ease of use. Take one, aim and launch the projectile at a concentration of enemy forces for maximum damage.

Scout Class — Mega Sniper

Weapon choice: SMLE MK3 Marksman + + Luger pistol gun + sniper shield

Snipers may annoy many players, sometimes the situation requires a stationary sniper in BF1. This is not much help to the team, but if you aim to change the attitude to you, then this build is one of the best ammo with which one can work.

SMLE MK3 Marksman — one of the best sniper rifles in the game. And it’s available in the version with an eye that allows you to dominate the long distances. Combine it with a sniper shield and you will be much more difficult to get. In addition, it is necessary to place the signal rocket to reveal enemies on the map for you and for your teammates. Flare is much more useful in this class than K-bullets, which in your field of vision gets very little armored vehicles.

Scout Class: Engine of Progress

Weapon choice: SMLE MK3 Infantry + + Luger pistol rocket launcher + trench periscope

This equipment is designed for those few brave souls who prefer to be closer to the very height of the battle, than to be bored on a hill.

SMLE MK3 is great for close combat with its high rate of fire. On this model it is impossible to put an optical sight, but an ordinary gun would be enough for those distances, with which you will have to deal with.

Trench periscope can be used on the way to mark goals and identify threats to your team. It is also a great way to check whether the offensive to the point when your team is behind, protecting it.

If you have reached level 10 in the class Scout, you can unlock a sniper Marini Henry — another excellent model. However, you will need to recharge after each murder. Marini Henry is comfortable to use, but not exactly what you need if you want to squeeze out the full potential.

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