How does retraining the pilots work in World of Warplanes?

You have just unlocked your newest shiny toy and are eager to take it to the skies in World of Warplanes. And since you will want to enjoy it as much as possible right from the start, most likely retraining a fully trained pilot would be the best choice. It only takes a few easy steps:

  1. In the Hangar view, click on a pilot and select the “Personal File” option from the menu:

  2. Click the “Proficiency” tab and select the training level you wish to use. There are always three different training levels to choose from. You can invest some gold and keep all your skillpoints. You could also choose to spend only credits and still retain 90% of your pilots proficiency, or if you are pressed for gold and credits, a free option still allows you to retain 80% of your pilots previous training:

  3. Click the “Retrain” button when ready and confirm your choice in the pop up window:


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