How to add stickers to Telegram?


Maybe someone is still interested in the question how to add stickers in Telegram. And it can be done in different ways…

Telegram Stickers

So, there are several ways to add stickers to the Telegram messenger:

  • going to any specific resource where there are sets of stickers for Telegram. You can download and save in a separate file: the sets of stickers are located on the server and have the Permalink. Next you need to open any chat and download this set in a separate file to send. But send is not needed (although you can send), and click on the service button at the top right of the screen and select «Add Stickers«;
  • another way how to add stickers in Telegrams, is to draw them yourself. This process is extremely entertaining and creative. After own set of stickers is created, you can use it to communicate with friends or even to spread in the General access;
  • besides, you can always load a set of stickers already sent you a sticker. Clicking on the image with the sticker from the bottom menu choose «Add Stickers«;

How to install stickers for Telegram?

To install stickers to your Telegram, use simple, clear, step-by-step instruction from our website:

  1. Follow the link on the stickers.
  2. You automatically start the application Telegam
  3. Click the «Add to Sticker«
  4. Get stickers for Telegram

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