Telegram Desktop for Windows


Telegram desktop — messenger, which offers convenient, simple, and safe way to communicate on the network. It allows you to communicate via text messaging, stickers, and also supports sending images, video clips and other files and.

Since it was originally developed for smartphones, to use the desktop version you need to install the app Telegram for Android, iOS or Windows phone to pass a simple registration process.

The main difference and advantage of this messenger to others — protection of correspondence between users. First, it encrypts all messages. Second, he can erase sent messages after a certain time, that no one read.

Telegram table stores a history of messages, and transferred files in the cloud. So start communicating on your smartphone, you can continue it on the computer with the same place.

Other features of the software include a search function for contacts, edit sent messages, and play online video (YouTube) directly in the chat window.

From our site you can also download:

  • Telegram desktop for the Mac operating system;
  • Telegram desktop for Linux.
Free Download Telegram Desktop 0.9.56 for Windows

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