How To Use Skype Without Downloading it?


With Skype for Web has recently become available to all users, but especially this good news should be of those who all this time looking for a way to use the «online» Skype without downloading and installing the software on your computer — assuming that these office workers as well as owners of the devices, just has no capacity for Skype.

Skype for Web runs entirely in your web browser, while you have the opportunity to make and receive calls, including video, add contacts, see the message history (including those that were written in the usual Skype). We propose just to see how it looks.

Note that in order to call or make a call online, you need to install an additional module (in fact, an ordinary plug-in for your browser, set as the Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7, but this Skype plug module is not exactly supported with Windows XP, so that the OS will also have to be limited only to text messaging).

That is, assuming that Skype online you need for the simple reason that you cannot install any software on your computer (not allowed by the administrator), then module installation is also not possible, and without it you can only use text messages to Skype when communicating with your contacts. However, in some cases it is also excellent.

Skype for Web Login

To enter the online Skype and start chatting, simply open page in your browser. On this page, enter your Skype username and password (or Microsoft account information) and click «Login». If desired, you can create an account on Skype with the same page.

After entering open slightly simplified, compared to the version on the computer Skype window with your contacts, the window for messaging, the ability to search for contacts and edit profile.

Additionally, Skype will be prompted to install the plug-in at the top of the window to the browser to work with voice and video calls (by default, it is only text chat). If you close the notification, and then try to call on Skype via a browser, then you gently will face the entire screen to remind you to install the plug-in.

One last detail: if you ran the online Skype only to look at exactly how the web version, but do not plan to use it in the future (only if suddenly there is an urgent need), it makes sense to remove from a computer the plugin: make this is possible through control Panel — Programs and Features, finding there Skype Web Plugin and click «Remove» (or using the context menu).

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