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In this review — a list of the best free software for remote access and PC control via Internet (also known as software for remote desktop). First of all, it is a means of remote administration for Windows 10, Windows 8 and 7, although many of these programs also allow you to connect to the remote desktop and other operating systems, including tablets and Android and iOS smartphones.

In most cases, such programs are used for remote access to the desktop and actions for service computer system administrators and service purposes. However, from the point of view of a normal user remote control of your computer over the Internet or on a local network it can also be useful, for example, instead of installing a Windows virtual machine on a Linux laptop or Mac, you can connect to an existing PC with the OS (and this is just one possible scenario).

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is good that the remote access computer with it do not need to install any additional software with the RDP protocol that is used for access, it is adequately protected and works well.

But there are drawbacks. First of all, while to connect to the Remote Desktop you can, without having to install additional software on all versions of Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 (as well as other operating systems, including Android and of iOS, download the free Microsoft Client Remote Desktop ), as the computer you are connected (the server), may only be a PC or laptop with Windows Pro and higher.

Another limitation — without additional settings and studies, connection to a remote Microsoft Desktop works only if the computers and mobile devices are on the same local area network (for example, connected to the same router in the case of home use) or have a static IP on the Internet.


TeamViewer — is probably the most well-known program for remote desktop in Windows and other operating systems. It is easy to use, very functional, perfectly working via the Internet and is considered to be free of charge for private use. In addition, it can be used without installation on the computer, which is useful if you need only a single connection.

TeamViewer is available in the form of a «big» for Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10, Mac and the Linux, combines the server function and the client and allows you to configure a permanent remote access to the computer, in the form of a module TeamViewer QuickSupport, requires no installation, which is right after launch issue ID and password that you must enter on the computer from which you will connect. In addition, there is an option TeamViewer Host, to allow connection to a particular computer at any time. Also recently appeared in the form of TeamViewer app for Chrome, there is the official app for iOS and Android.

To summarize, the TeamViewer — this is the option that I could recommend to almost anyone who needed free software for remote desktop and control the computer for domestic purposes — it almost does not need to understand, as all intuitive, and it is easy to use . For commercial purposes you have to buy a license (otherwise you will face the fact that the session will be broken automatically).

Chrome Remote Desktop

Google has its own implementation of the remote desktop that works for Google Chrome application (in this case access will be not only to Chrome on a remote computer, and the entire desktop). It supports all desktop operating systems, on which you can install the browser Google Chrome. Android and iOS also has clients in the official app stores.

To use Chrome Remote Desktop you will need to download a browser extension from the official store, set the access data (PIN), and for the other PC — connect using the same extension and PIN. At the same time to use the Chrome Remote Desktop it is necessarily need to log into your Google account (not necessarily one and the same account on different computers).

Among the advantages of Chrome Remote Desktop- security and there is no need to install additional software if you already use the Chrome browser. Among the shortcomings — limited functionality.


AnyDesk — another free program for remote access to a computer, and it is designed by former developers of TeamViewer. Among the benefits that the creators say — High speed (transmission of the desktop graphics) in comparison with other similar utilities.

AnyDesk supports all the necessary features, including file transfer, encryption of the connection, the ability to work without having to install. However, functions somewhat less than in some other solutions for remote administration, but it is to be used to connect to a remote desktop «for» there is everything. There are AnyDesk versions for Windows and for all popular Linux distributions.

RMS or Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities, presented as a Remote Access RMS — one of the most powerful software for remote access to your computer. There is as free control up to 10 computers, even for commercial purposes.

The list of features includes everything that you may need, including, but not limited to:

  • Several connection modes, including support for the RDP connection through the Internet.
  • Remote installation and deployment of software.
  • Access to the camera, the remote registry and command line support Wake-On-Lan, chat features (video, audio, text), the remote screen recording.
  • Drag-n-Drop support to transfer files.
  • Support for multiple monitors.


The program for remote desktop AeroAdmin — one of the most simple and free decisions that I have ever met, that is ideal for novice users who do not require any significant functionality in addition to simply view and control the computer via the Internet.

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    Another very good software for remote access to PC is: R-HUB remote support servers. You may try the same.

  2. Damian 26.11.2017 in 08:40

    The best I think is the Ammy remote


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