How to fix errors, crashes and other issues in Farm Expert 2017?

Farm Expert 2017 represents a new farming simulator that was developed by Silden. Game can show you all real troubles of being a farmer with the help of realistic physics. Use your machines in backyard workshop, expand your activities to other lands, and take care of different plants in greenhouses. In this article we present all possible solutions for errors, crashes and other issues in Farm Expert 2017.

Farm Expert 2017 Not Starting

  1. Close any background applications
  2. Try to start the game

Multiplayer Issues in Farm Expert 2017

Open readme.pdf and check if these ports are working — 8766, 27105, 27016

Open multi.txt and check if this part text is here:

FarmServer connected to Steam successfully

Game Server is VAC Secure!

Public IP is

Auth completed for a client

Fullscreen Issue in Farm Expert 2017

  1. Try to change Windowed mode to Fullscreen
  2. Be surenot to turn on the Windowed mode

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