How to fix Errors, Crashes, Bugs and other issues in Battlefield 1 PC?

BattleField One as everyone knows is one of the most anticipatd games of 2016. Just remeber the first trailer set few months ago – it has collected so great numbers in views that set many different records in game universe. The game has already received tons of different revies around the world and they all were positive, but along with it we have already faced with many errors and crashes that appear in the game.

How to fix crashes on loading screen in BattleField 1?

The most common solution to this problem is that you need to update your video drivers. For that:

  1. Download and install Driver Scanner
  2. Scan your PC and update all old drivers

How to fix Black screen issue in BattleField 1?

  • Be sure to update the drivers.
  • Whitelist BattleField 1in your antivirus.

How to fix BattleField 1 doesn’t start?

  • Be sure to run the game on64 bit operating system
  • Update Microsoft Visual C++ and DirectX

How to fix Dll Error in BattleField 1?

  • Download Dll-Files Fixer
  • Perform complete scan.
  • Easily remove bad dll file with compatible ones by one click.

How to fix low FPS in BattleField 1?

  • Check system requirements for playing BattleField 1 on your PC
  • Set high priority to the game in task manager
  • Go to “Power Management Mode” in “Nvidia control panel” > Manage 3d settings
  • Set it to “Prefer Maximum Performance”

How to fix Freezing issues in BattleField 1?

  • Disable SLI and run the game again.
  • Set high priority to the game in task manager

How to fix No Sound in BattleField 1?

Update your sound card drivers

How to fix DirectX crash in BattleField 1?

Update your PC to DirectX 11 to fix this issue

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