How to get Pikachu in Pokemon GO in beginning of the game?

Those who already play Pokemon GO, know that in the beginning of the game while passing on the training you will be given to the choice of three Pokémons — Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. One of them is offered to be catched in poke ball. However, the game has a secret, which allows instead of the three catch one of the rarest Pokemon — Pikachu. How to do it? — Read our little guide.

Pokémon GO Pikachu

If you’ve played Pokemon GO, you will have to create a new account (Google or separate in the game) to login, because you can not re-trained on the activated account.


  1. Log out of existing Google account and go to the new or if you do not play, then simply click on the «Google» button. You can register in the game.
  2. Agree with the rights of use and create your character. The game will prompt you to catch one of the three initial Pokemon, but do not click on them.
  3. Just start to go anywhere, to move away from the three Pokemons on the map. The game will continue to show them side by side with you.
  4. Continue to follow the map as long as you will see Pikachu near thos three ones.

Catch it!

Congratulations! Now you have one of the rarest Pokémons in the very beginning of the game. Do not worry, your Pikachu on the second account is hardly wasted. Developers from the Niantic studio promised to add Pokemon exchange system between the players. Thus, in the future you will be able to add a previously captured Pikachu on its main account.

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