How to increase the text size of menus and subtitles in XCOM 2?


The size of text in menus and subtitles in XCOM 2 is small, and lots of players complain about this problem. In this article we will try to help you to increase the font in the game.

How to increase the menu font in XCOM 2?

  1. Navigate to the folder «XCOM 2 \ XComGame \ Localization \ INT \»
  2. Find file and open it in a text editor.
  3. Next you need to find a line — [Fonts] and replace the following line

    NormalFAF Carplates Medium, Normal
    TitleFAF Carplates Medium, Normal
    ProtoFLucida Console, Normal

  4. Done!

How to increase the text size of subtitles in XCOM 2?

Unfortunately, the decision to increase the font size in the subtitles was not found. As soon as the working method will be found we will add it to the article.

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