How to use YouTube tags the right way?


When using tags in your YouTube videos, you should pay attention to a few key points. Here are the best practices for tags to follow:

  • Make your main keyword your first video tag: A study of 1.3 million YouTube videos found a link between rankings and keyword presence in video tags. While there is no proof, some believe YouTube pays the most attention to your first tag. So, to be on the safe side, it’s better to use your target or most important keyword as the first tag.
  • Use the right tags: Make sure the tags you use in your YouTube videos are relevant to the content in the video. You should add not only keywords specific to your topic, but also general keywords to increase your content’s reach.
  • Try to use shorter tags: 2 to 4 words is the ideal tag length you should aim for. However, not all tags need to fall within this range.
  • Don’t add too many tags: Adding too many tags to your videos can confuse YouTube’s algorithm in determining the exact subject of your video. Google makes it clear that if a video has over 60 tags, no tags will be read.
  • Track Your Competitors And Use Their Video Tags: If you’re creating a competitive video, read the tags present in videos you’ve already created and rank high in YouTube search results. You can get inspiration from these tags and use similar tags in your videos.
  • Make use of YouTube suggestions: Whenever you search for a keyword on YouTube, it suggests the most popular keywords or phrases related to the topic entered in the search bar. Use these suggestions as tags in your videos.
  • Never mislead people with tags: Using tags unrelated to your videos can be harmful to you and your channel. This can lead to the loss of subscribers. If YouTube’s algorithm detects that you are using misleading tags, it may stop recommending your videos to viewers or even block your channel.

Now that we know the benefits of using tags, let’s take a look at the most popular and useful YouTube tag generators available.

Rapid Tags

Rapid Tags

Rapid Tags allow you to generate video tags that give you high rankings. In addition, the Tag Analyzer feature helps you research keywords or tags. One of the best things about Quick Tags is that it’s free. You can use all the features Quick tags offers without paying a dime.

YouTube Tool

YouTube Tool

The YTube tool is slightly different from other tag generators. Instead of generating new tags for your videos, this tool helps you get video tags from your competitors’ videos. The tool is perfect for spying and competing with the competition.

How to use YTube to generate tags?

  • as the YTube tool extracts tags from already posted YouTube videos, you need to enter the video’s URL in the search box instead of the video title;
  • copy the URL of the video whose tags you want to collect;
  • open the YouTube Tool website;
  • paste the video url in the search box;
  • click the Find Tags button.

After pressing the button you will get the tags present in the entered video.

All features on the YouTube Tool website are free. Besides the tag extractor, you can use it to extract the title, description and thumbnail from videos.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator

The Dominator Keyword Tool is one of the best YouTube tag research tools. You can use this to generate hundreds of keywords and tags. The Dominator keyword tool limits searches to 2 per day if you use it for free. 



Kparser is one of the most popular SEO tools available on the Internet. It will help you find new ideas for your videos, generate SEO friendly keywords, and use high-ranking keywords in the video’s title, description and tags. It can even help you create tags for specific countries.

How to use Kparser to generate tags?

  • open the Kparser website;
  • enter the subject for which you want to generate tags in the search box;
  • select the country to which you are targeting;
  • you can change the language of the tags to be generated using a different drop-down menu;
  • click the START button to generate the results.

The free version of Kparser does not provide information about YouTube tags such as number of searches and CPC. You can upgrade to paid plans to unlock this information. Kparser offers three paid plans. Prices for these plans start at $ 26 per month.

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