No Man’s Sky Game Basics for beginner

You started to play No Man’s Sky, and you’re already confused with the fact that there is, how it works and what to do? We will help you. This guide focuses on the basics of No Man’s Sky, which will help you to better understand what you have here.

The basic concept of all your equipment — it’s slot. Every part of your basic equipment — your exo-suit, multi-tools and ship — has a defined set of available slots. These slots are responsible for different functions of your equipment, as well as upgrades and store. As finding schemes for improvements in the game, you will need inventory slots, to install and use.


Your exo suit will protect you from the environment and serves as a mobile storage, when you are on the surface of planets, engaging in research.

You start the game with 12 available slots in the suit. One slot is always busy with jet pack used to move around. The other two slots are always busy with life support system and protection of the environment — both are critical to survival.

Your jetpack functions are divided into:

  • Health — protects you from death
  • Protection — Protects you from freezing / melting
  • Endurance — Responsible for running
  • Utilities — Allows you to find new ways of approaching death step


The aspect of health in your costume is responsible for your physical condition. Shield your suit temporarily protect you from aggressive creatures and Wardens with whom you will meet. You can create additional blocks for the Shield to strengthen it and make it more resistant to equip or secondary means of survival, when all else fails.


Your suit also protects you from the environment that you are researching. From time to time you can find a planet on which you can have a picnic, but more often it will not be the most suitable condition for life. Like acid rain, extreme temperatures or strong radiation. Exo-suit protects from all this. Your basic protection performs its functions until such time as you have Oxide components for power. To increase protection or survival in very extreme conditions, you can create additional blocks that are specific to those or other conditions.


Since most of the research takes place on foot, stamina plays a key role, allowing you to run short distances to overcome. Basic endurance does not depend on the suit, but it can be pumped in exo-suit. For endurance, you can also create additional blocks for underwater research.


Utilities are responsible for all other functions of the costume. This includes a life support system, and jetpack. The latter is used for the vertical movement over short distances and safe descent from the slopes or hills. In addition, it does not need to feed. When you find the new scheme, you can create additional blocks that improve functional jetpack.


If exo-suit protects you from the environment, the multi-tool allows you to manipulate it. In particular, this tool allows you to destroy part of the environment, mining resources in such a way. Multi-Tool — is both a pick-ax and a gun. Like exo-suit, you will use the slots of your multi-tool for adding blocks, the scheme for which you will find in my space expanses.

Multi-tools features are divided into several parts:

  • Laser — exploitation
  • Shooting — fight
  • Grenade — subversion
  • Scan — search

Various multi-tools that you find while traveling, would have different basic characteristics.


Mining beam — is the basic functionality of your multi-tool. You can use it to destroy the minerals, plants and even animals to obtain useful elements from them. Mining beam is fed using isotopes. Schemes allow to improve the laser focus.


For a more «soft» targets, such as the destitute,  the multi-tool mode works fine for the attack. Ammunition can be created using isotopes. You can improve the speed of the fire and the amount of the damage with the help of additional units.


Crave something more than just shooting? Then you can use the multi-tool as a grenade. Grenades, like harnesses, can be created with the help of isotopes. Additional blocks allow to make grenades more «bouncy», they can shoot more or do more damage.


Scanner of multi-tool allows you to find the important points and resources. You will use the scanner from time to time. Also here is your binoculars. Analytical eyes allows you to scan, call and load the library: plants, animals and minerals. Optional scanner unit can increase its range of action.



At about the space exploration game, spaceship — a vital necessity. Your ship includes more space for resources and allows you to make things from schemes that you find. In addition, the ship allows you to travel between planets and stars. The ship slots system is exactly the same as your exo-suit or multi-tool. Some of these slots are assigned the basic functions of the ship, such as boosters, pulse motor and hyperdrive.


Like the multi-tool, your vehicle is equipped with a weapon that can be used for the extraction of resources from asteroids or attack of other ships. As with the multi-tool, the ship is equipped with two systems of fire: the photon cannon and beam ray. Photon cannon is capable for destroying asteroids, but is best suited for the battle with the ships. Beam ray is slower but has more power, which makes it not the best choice in the battle, but is perfect for slow purposes … like asteroids. Additional units allow to improve cooling, increase the damage and rate of fire of both weapons.


Your ship is equipped with shields that protect you from the cosmic bodies, lasers and other debris. Additional units allow to increase protection.


Hyper engine of your vehicle is required to jump between systems. Also, you have a pulse motor, which allows you to quickly overcome the distance between the planets. Hyperdrive is powered using Warp-Cells. Pulse engine use Tamium9 elements. Additional units can increase the range, units for pulsed engine that can make it more effective.

Hyde No Man’s Sky — what can I do and how to do it

No Man’s Sky — is a big sandbox. Like GTA, you are responsible for own amusement. The only difference in size. Here you will have the whole universe.

What to do in No Man’s Sky?

All what you want. Really.

It is hard to imagine, but Hello Games really managed to create an entire universe. Therefore, from the first moment, you are free to do whatever you want. No one will drive you by the hand and say, what to do, no one will tell you to hurry.

And it is — the most important thing. Do not hurry — explore the universe. What for? If you are enough with the whole universe, how about the reasons for this: Hello Games have created not only the universe, but this universe, which is worth exploring.

Head — no matter where. Whether it is the surface of a planet or space — moving forward, you are sure to find something interesting. You will have to do.

However, the fact that you can do anything you want, does not mean that you have to spit on those things that you have to learn in the first few hours — to find freedom.

What should you do in No Man’s Sky?


No Man’s Sky regularly reminds you about the important things, though with not quite the usual way. Current challenges and quests appear in the form of periodic notifications that appear and disappear in the bottom right of the screen, rather than on the menu. And it can cause some problems.

You may find yourself on an amazing planet where you can spend an hour or two for the scrutiny of flora and fauna and converting red crystals in plutonium. If you came to their senses and do not know what to do, just keep an eye to the bottom right of the screen — the game will remind you what to do.

How to save and quit No Man’s Sky?

In No Man’s Sky you won’t find the save and exit button. How to leave without losing the progress? Two ways: make something important, or take certain actions.

At the beginning of the game the easiest way to survive — is to enter and exit the vehicle. Throughout the game, every time you step out of the cockpit, the game creates a restore point.

Also, later, you will find a special point on the planet that allow you to save the game in these areas.

How to do crafting in No Man’s Sky?

Crafting — an important part of No Man’s Sky. You can produce materials and things that are already known to you, or find new schemes and study them, allowing you to create them if you have the required materials.

To make a new thing, or revise the resource, select an empty slot in your inventory and press the button. This will open the crafting menu, with all options, as well as categories.

For crafting of those or other things you need resources that you can collect on the planet with the help of a multi-tool, or in space, extracting elements from asteroids. If you select the item for crafting you will be asked for required amount. If there is lit green check mark, then you have enough resources. Then just click Create at the bottom and get the result.

Since you already have a number of schemes in the beginning of the game, many of them will be needed for traveling. The most important schemes are parts of the side quests. After examining the circuit, it is always available to you.

How to extract resources in No Man’s Sky?

Without resources, you can not do anything and you will die. Fortunately, the resources can be found everywhere. After starting the game you will have a basic set of elements to fix the multi-tool and start production.

Any object can be converted to resources. Also pay attention to the glittering objects. Direct multi-tool and activate it. The green beam breaks objects into basic elements, which are used for crafting.

Pay attention to what the elements from falling out. As a rule, it consists of organic carbon. Stones and rocks contain iron. Large monoliths can be split into Emeril (can be sold at the stations) and Eris (used for the repair of impulse engine).

How to fix the scanner in No Man’s Sky?

You will need 25 Carbon, which you can get from plants.

How to fix the Starting engine in No Man’s Sky?

Starting engine allows you to take off and land on the planet — one of the most important functions of the ship. To repair you need four Carita sheets, which can not produced, but can be crafted.

Each sheet is 50 Iron and requires a separate slot in your inventory. When you use them, they will disappear from the inventory.

How to charge the Starting engine in No Man’s Sky?

You repaired the engine, but you do not have fuel. To power it you need Plutonium. Search the area for the presence of red crystals — use the multi-tool to extract plutonium from them.

How to pump Analytical Visor in No Man’s Sky?

Collect 20 Iron and repair Binocular Tagging Device, which will allow you to mark and zoom animals or other things. This feature is very useful.

Who are the Guardians in No Man’s Sky?

These are small flying robots that appear soon after you begin your mining operations. It is not necessary to arrange a showdown with these robots — they attack only if you wrest too much. In the event of an attack, run away or destroy them … and then run away.

How to fix a switching engine in No Man’s Sky?

If you have just started the game, it may be somewhat difficult. You will need to gather the following materials:

200 Eris — extracted from the monoliths and other strange rocks

2 Carita sheets (iron 50 each) — iron extracted from the stones.

20 Zinc — produced from organic matter

How to charge the impulse engines in No Man’s Sky?

You need Thamium9. Look for plants that have 3 or more legs. Tamium9 mining at the beginning is not required. You still have time to find an element.

I lost — how to find my ship in No Man’s Sky?

If you wandered away from the ship, shook head and get the white icon with a black icon. It appears at the top of the screen, pointing the direction of the ship.

How to leave the planet in No Man’s Sky?

Repair and fill the ship. Climb into the cockpit and start the ship, sending it up. Vehicle interface provides information about the flight angle, allowing you to direct the ship to return to the space.

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