My bonus code is not working on Wargaming games, why?

When your bonus code is not working on Wargaming games, firstly it’s important to check which kind of code you have:

  • Invite codes: This kind of codes is intended for new players only to give them a little help on their beginning. They usually have some Premium days, a bit of Gold, and sometimes a shiny new premium tank. Remember these codes are created for newcomers and need to be used during the creation of the account. ALREADY EXISTING USERS CAN’T CLAIM THIS TYPE OF BONUS CODES.
  • Bonus codes: These codes can be used for anyone and they usually also contain Gold, Premium Time and premium tank.

There are some situations, when a bonus code for existing accounts will not work:

  1. The code is expired.
  2. The code is already used.
  3. You are typing the code incorrectly.
  4. There is a zone restriction.
  5. You have reached the limit of the code usage.

Usually, Bonus codes has several restrictions. First is expiration date, so after certain date, it cannot be used. The second restriction might apply to certain regions, when the bonus code is restricted for example only for RU/NA. There is also limitation of how many codes of the same kind you can use for one account. Usually only one code per account can be used, however some codes allow the player to activate even 5 codes of the same kind on one account.

If you are sure that the code should work on your account, please contact us and send us the code in question. If it’s possible attach also a photo or a screenshot of it. This way we can inform you what kind of bonus code you are trying to use, and try to fix it for you.

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