The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition guide: the best mods for PS4 and Xbox One

Bethesda has just a huge fan community of modders that month after month publish so many good mods and updates that each time becomes more and more difficult to resist. So at the time it was with Skyrim on the PC. Now came the turn of consoles, when Special Edition was released to them. In this guide we will present the best, or simply amusing modifications.

Error correction

We are not saying that Bethesda games are notorious for that buggy. Just like that already happened, that it was in their projects from year to year, there is more than just bugs. That’s why you need this patch. It is regularly updated and thus is capable of eliminating as much as possible failures or errors in the game.

Download for Xbox One.

Forgotten city

This is a completely new game area with original quests, the passage of which will take you about 8 hours of playing time.

Download for Xbox One.

New magical abilities

This mod allows you to greatly expand magical powers with the help of craft books, enchanted scrolls and other things. In addition, with it you get a new perk system.

Download for Xbox One and PS4.

New spells

The standard fire, frost and shock added to the land, water and air, along with three types of weapons and armor enhancements, as well as Dragon Piest mask for each item.

Download for Xbox One.

New blade

You get four new two-handed blades.

Download for Xbox One.

Hardcore mode

This level of complexity will increase the damage, which is applied to your enemies — 4 times. That, by itself, will do battle with them more dangerous and tense. Combine it with this here and you will no longer regenerate health.

Download for Xbox One and PS4.

Meeting with Conan

Perfect mod for all fans of the legendary hero of the movie by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It adds a new dungeon and a bunch of other things in the game that fully immerse you into the atmosphere of the film.

Download for Xbox One.

Reassure bothersome animals

The name speaks for itself. Aggressive animals such as wolves, bears, mammoths and others become less evil. They will not attack you first, but will be desperate to defend if you approach too close to them.

Download for Xbox One and PS4

More money with you

In any RPG you never have enough space to carry all that you want. First, you say to yourself, they say, will carry only what I really need. But after some time your inventory is full of unnecessary junk. In this mode you get two rings that will give you extra carrying capacity.

Download for Xbox One and PS4.

Find the right place for you much faster

Of course, you have a map, but it is not listed with many small places in Skyrim world. Because of this, many paths and intersections simply remain without any markings. This incredibly simple and very useful mod will show you the right path to location on the map. Thus saving a lot of time, effort and nerves to the person who uses it.

Download for Xbox One and PS4.

Chatty NPC

If you’re going to spend hours playing Skyrim, you probably want to see there a variety of interesting conversations, which further immerse you in the gameplay. But local residents are not much talkative and so often you have to hear from them the same words.

But do not worry, because it is on such occasions in life and there are fans’ collection. Specifically, this mod adds more than 5,000 new lines of dialogue, voiced by 42 votes. You will get great social supplement, which will make the people around you much more vivid and natural.

Download for Xbox One and PS4.

Generous capitalism

This mod increases the amount of money in the store, then the local hosts are able to instantly buy you all to the last button on the sleeve.

Download for Xbox One.

Restoring the missing content

For some reasons, Skyrim has a great variety of content that is hiding in the vast expanses of its source code and at the time did not get into the final version of the game. This mod thereof pulls out and gives you the right to hand.

Download for Xbox One.

Survival Games

Mod is one of the most popular on the PC — in fact, turning the game into a kind of survival simulator. It also adds new spells, endurance abilities, snow and ice effects, and disables a quick trip. In other words, it does everything that the player felt truly hell.

Download for Xbox One.

Alternative craft for thieves and archers

Skyrim craft is very useful and suitable for most builds. But for those who like to play in secret, there are too few opportunities to use it. Of course, there are fans’ assembly, which will help you solve this problem. Basically, it increases the number of arrows and creates new master keys.

Download for Xbox One.

Stomach upset

All of you, we know the sounds that produces our digestive system at times when it is bad. The same modes with ease and a certain childish enthusiasm plays them.

Download for Xbox One.

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