Top-6 Open World Games In 2021


Video games are extremely popular all over the world as they are the preferred way to relax for most people. With the development of technology, games are also gaining momentum and development. From classic Mario games to modern open world games, you can see dramatic changes in the gaming landscape. 

These new technology-driven open world games are designed with superb graphics to give you a realistic experience while playing, offering you endless choices to play exactly the way you want. In addition, games have begun to include exciting storylines with exciting adventures and colorful characters that improve the overall gameplay. 

However, all of these features make it difficult for you to choose one option among all the games available on the market. To help you make your choice, we’ve reviewed the best open world games in 2021 so you can find the perfect one and make the most of your free time.

Dayz-PlayStation 4

Dayz-PlayStation 4

It is a survival adventure game with a hostile open world. The whole game is based on Chernarus, where the open area is 230 square kilometers. You may feel intense emotions in stressful situations as you struggle to survive. Moreover, the interaction of sixty players will make the game more real and fun.

To top it off, you have a variety of challenging survival situations such as hunting, crafting, dealing with injuries, and preventing / preventing transmissible diseases. That’s not all, you are also constantly exposed to the danger posed by wild animals and inclement weather, making the game extremely addictive and fun.

Metro Exodus: Aurora Limited Edition

Metro Exodus Aurora Limited Edition

You can immediately improve the quality of your holiday with this full suite of games. In addition to a digital copy of the game, it includes an exclusive steel book version of the game, a 32-page art book, and a metal collectible case. An interesting part of the collector’s metal case is that it features the Aurora trunk engine shown in the trailer.

The thriller theme in this game will definitely love it. Full graphics inspired by post-apocalyptic Russian wildlife. Fighting for survival with chilling dangerous creatures and bad weather, among other things, will make the game more challenging and fun. On top of that, there is an exciting storyline that will keep you interested until the very end of the game.

Monster Hunter: World-PlayStation 4 Edition

Monster Hunter World-PlayStation 4 Edition

This game invites you to a truly adventurous world. You are a super hunter exploring the newly discovered continent, the «new world». Live a new life in the wild, survive in an extreme atmosphere and fight bizarre local creatures.

In addition, you can invite hunter assistants to difficult battles by sending an SOS signal to the world server. After each victory and killing of a new monster, collect loot to create innovative and destructive weapons for a new battle. Treat yourself to a bloody combat experience and breathe wild dense forest in this blood-curdling game.

Just Cause 4 PlayStation 4

Just Cause 4 PlayStation 4

Are you a fan of racing and car games? If yes, then this game will definitely come in handy in your spare time. You won’t get bored during the game thanks to the combination of themed battles. You are Rico, the protagonist who is the commander-in-chief of the rebel army and must defeat a high-tech private military organization. In addition, the Day One Special Edition includes the Neon Racer supercar, wingsuit and parachute to bring gameplay to life.

You can experience the thundering sky with wingsuits. A few more adventures like skydiving, freediving and basic jump will increase your strength. You can also explore snowy mountains, meadows and wild rainforests. As you play, you will uncover some shocking secrets about Rico’s father that will lead to sharp turns in the mission. Overall, this open-world game offers a truly immersive gameplay experience.

Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

If you are not a big fan of wargames, but want to explore open world games, then this is the right choice. Create your own peaceful world in Gemea, a land blessed by nature with amazing flora and fauna. There are also snow-capped mountains and tropical beaches, which add an incredibly joyful charm to the game. You can help the people of Gemea by doing the work of a carpenter, tailor, etc.

Moreover, you must connect with powerful forces and spirits capable of defeating the Dark One. Are you wondering who Merck is? Merc is the evil spirit that rules this heavenly kingdom and is the main cause of sadness on the island.

Dragon Age Inquisition- Xbox 360

Dragon Age Inquisition- Xbox 360

Return to classic dragon games with modern graphics and storyline. You are a hero who embarks on a journey to conquer the land of dragons. On the other hand, evil dragons are real wild creatures that can make a big difference in your defeat. You will have to survive bad weather and dangerous landscapes in order to increase the level of the battle.

As a hero, you have to join forces, form your battalion and attack evil. You can also engage and command other players to manage the entire squadron on your behalf. In the end, your victory depends on your strategy and the use of your abilities.

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