Watch Dogs 2 Easter eggs

In this guide we have tried to collect for you as much as possible different easter eggs for Watch Dogs 2.

Aiden Pearce

The main hero of the first part, have done high-profile cases in Chicago a couple of years ago. You will find the poor guy locked up in the bunker, which will find in a side mission «Shadow.» Cracking the door camera where Aiden and imprisoned, you will help him to be freed. Cutting down a security guard, he will nod to you and run away.

Papa John’s Restaurant

The same bar also present in The Division — another game Ubisoft.

Slot machine with Blood Dragon logo

In one of your shelter is a gaming machine with Blood Dragon logo — another project from Ubisoft, which at one time brought a lot of rustling among fans.

The new part of Assassin’s Creed?

Watch Dogs 2 have a mission where you can hack the Ubisoft marketing director phone named Elliot Chen. You can find it in the center of Silicon Valley. Go to the campus of Stanford University and look for a stone arch in the corner of the main building. Cracking his phone, you will hear a phone conversation about some Assassin’s Creed: Osiris. Unsuspecting of the second set before tapping a person says that the trailer ahead of time not to merge.. Like, everything is under control, and if something goes wrong, then it is ready to be fired.

After this conversation, our character calls his friend and offers to earn extra money. You open the mission «Favorite game» where you have to get into the office of Ubisoft. Or rather, on the roof of the building — to hack into the company’s internal network. It should be noted that even in 2013, Ubisoft game about Egypt, with this title was canceled immediately after the leak occurred that it was developed.

Again a hint of The Division

On the mission of «Home, Sweet Home» you will have to crack one of the buildings on the docks. Go there, go up the stairs to the right and once in the room look at one of the two computers. There you will see an icon The Division.

Ubisoft Office

It is almost in plain view — in the city center. Yes, and in the building where the wall hangs a huge poster of the coming movie «Assassin’s Creed». In addition, there can be reached in the course of performing one task without interest.

Application on your phone

Called Driver: San Fransico — after the next game authored by Ubisoft. The app itself allows you to earn a living by working as a taxi driver. Differently not alone as seclusion or hacking on the verge of life and death to deal with. You can chat with people for a trip or two.

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