Watch Dogs 2 guide — The location of exclusive vehicles

This guide will show the places where you can find exclusive cars. Thus you will have the opportunity to travel around the world of Watch Dogs 2 on a statutory or simply outlandish vehicle.

Ice Cube

Near the lighthouse on the north side of the bridge, «Golden Gate».


The Port of Oakland at the top of one of the containers of the mountains. Use quadrocopter.

Mountain King

This SUV straight from «Jurassic Park» can be found right next to your shelter in Oakland.

Flip Wagon

Located near one of the city parks — in one of the lanes.

Danger Mobile

On the island between San Francisco and Oakland.

Rainbow Missile

In the vicinity of Palo Alto.

The Dangerzone

At the lowest level of the garage near Stanford University. To obtain it you will definitely need a gadget called RC Jumper, to crack a few doors.

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