Fallout 4: Nuka-World guide — Scav magazines location!

In addition to recipes Nuka-Cola in Nuka-Worl — the latest addition for Fallout 4, you can also find an interesting set of perks and bonuses obtained by reading Scav issues of the magazine! In this guide, you will learn the location of all Scav issues!

But before you begin, please note that the fifth issue of the magazine provides a crafty bonus that you can use to advantage, so first read about it — at the very end of the list.

Scav Magazine Locations

Where to find Scav! magazines in Fallout 4: Nuka-World

  • Scav! — # 1: increases the chance of convictions

    Located in the Galactic Zone area — in the area of personnel on the ground floor of the control tower. Then get the bus and search boxes and the drawer.

  • Scav! — # 2: + 25% combat knife damage

    In the barn on the eastern part of the landfill, in the western part of the map. You visit this location during Hubologists quest. The magazine will be on the table on the top floor, right next to the core that you want to find.

  • Scav! — # 3: + 10% damage in melee

    In Funhouse — Kiddie Kingdom. Sign in rotating tunnel from the hall of mirrors. Move to the right and then left — further along the wall. Look down and to the right — the magazine lies next to the corpse of a dead end.

  • Scav! — # 4: + 5% damage with explosives

    Get to Grandchester Mystery Mansion in the south-western part of the map. Crack open the door for the staff next to the exit sign at the end of the passage — after climb up the ladder and search the room. Magazine is next to the entrance.

  • Scav! — # 5: a variety of awards for SPECIAL

    This issue will increase your core strength and endurance. BUT! The more you do with it covers, the less bonus you get. If you have 100 caps or less, you get +3 to both characteristics. If you have 100 to 1000, you’ll get two. If more than 1000, the only one. Therefore, before you pick up a magazine, be sure to throw away most of the covers.

    The magazine is on the table, which is on the roof of Dry Rock Gulch Theater.

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