Fallout 4: Nuka-World guide — location of all Nuka-Cola recipes

N the latest addition to Fallour 4 — Nuka-World, players can create their own drinks Nuka-Cola. On the whole DLC map there are 15 hidden recipes that can be used for mixed Nuka-Cola stations — the new table for crafting, which is only available in the DLC.


Opening a list of recipes, you will find that some Nuka-Cola options are very powerful, that is balanced with respect to a small amount of ingredients available to mix. However, since it is the latest addition to the Fallout 4, you have enough to pump over, to not be afraid of enemies … at least, if not tighten up the difficulty, then these bottles will definitely be useful.

Recipes represent a thin booklets / brochures, be careful not to miss them!

  • Nuka-Cide: Behind the counter at Cappy’s Cafe in Nuka-Town USA.
  • Nuka-Cooler: In the window in the Star Market District store in the Galactic Zone area.
  • Nuka-Void: At the reception in the main lobby of Starlight Interstellar Theater in the Galactic Zone area.
  • Nuka-Ray: On the floor in lower level of RobCo Battlezone.
  • Nuka-Lixir: at the end of Funhouse. Near the terminal.
  • Nuka-Berry: In the dressing room of King Cola’s Court backstage in Kiddie Kingdom.
  • Nuka-Bombdrop: On trolley with food near Mad Mulligan’s Mine in Dry Rock Gulch.
  • Nuka-Sunrise Recipe: In the area of employee near Dry Rock Gulch Theater in Dry Rock Gulch. Open the red door to find the recipe.
  • Nuka-Xtreme: On the table next to the flagpole on the roof of Dry Rock Gulch Theater in Dry Rock Gulch.
  • Nuka-Rush: On the table near the entrance to the dungeon Welcome Center in Safari Adventure Zone.
  • Nuka-Hearty: In a small structure behind the scenes in Dangin Jungle Journey Theater in Safari Adventure Zone.
  • Nuka-Power: On the desk in the office of Nuka-World Power Plant.
  • Nuka-Frutti: Search the tables in Hubologist’s Camp.
  • Nuka-Punch: On the desk at the end of a tour of Grandchester Mystery Mansion — first be examined with the boss.
  • Nuka-Love: Get in the conversation with Evan — a tramp in the south of Nuka-Station.

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