WoT Blitz — How do I check my Network on macOS? PingPlotter report

PingPlotter is a 3rd party software which will create a report of your Network performance.

This will allow us to see if there’s any issue with the path and the quality of the connection between your home router/modem and our servers.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Please download PingPlotter for macOS.
  2. After PingPlotter has been installed, please close any network-hungry programs you may have running, such as: P2P torrent downloads, Skype, Safari, etc.
  3. Launch PingPlotter.
  4. Enter and select the following settings:
    • 1. Target for the EU server: login.wotblitz.eu
    • 2. Trace Interval: 1 second.
    • 3. Press Start to record.

      Make sure you run Pingplotter while you are playing and for at least 30 min.

  5. Once at least 30 min passed, press Pause.
  6. Click on File and on the drop down menu, click on Export Sample Set to save the report file as a *.pp2.
  7. Once you choose the destination, press the button Save.
  8. The report file will appear, by default, on your Desktop.

After that, attach the PingPlotter report to your ticket.

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