How do I report a game issue with World of Tanks Generals?

When playing World of Tanks Generals, you might face technical issues.

If that is the case, please submit a ticket to Support by following the steps mentioned in here

Please provide the following information with your ticket

  • The name of the web browser you were using and also, its version.
  • Which platform or device you were using to play: PC, Tablet (iOS, Android)
  • Provide a list of the plugins/add-ons installed in your web browser.
  • If possible, please provide screenshots showing the issue you experienced
  • Last but not least, please provide a detailed explanation on what were you doing when the issue occurred.

If you were playing on your PC or laptop and the issue you experienced was graphical or the web browser crashed, please send us as well a Dxdiag report. You will find how to create this report here.

Before contacting Support, please attempt to reproduce the issue while all your plugins/add-ons are disabled (using for example Incognito mode in Chrome).

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