How do I report a user in social network


How do I report a user in social network There are few ways:

  1. If an unknown user offends you without any reason, add this user to your blacklist to stop him from sending messages to you.
  2. If someone is spamming, click on «Report spam» in the upper-right of the post. Then click on «Report profile» at the very bottom of a user’s profile.
  3. Follow the same instructions to report pages with adult content or spam pages.
  4. If other person is using your personal information, please write to our Support agents.

Do not forget to indicate a link to a fake profile with your data and your photo in front of the request to our Support. It will help us solve your problem in a shorter time.


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4 комментария
  1. bari chowdhury 27.10.2016 in 02:52

    Why my phone namber is not working ?

  2. Aubrey 16.08.2017 in 00:53

    How do you report it if you do not have an account? Is there a support email address?

  3. jadida sarosung 21.06.2018 in 10:03

    other person is using my personal information and images. how can i report and where exact email or procedure should i do?

  4. maria 01.07.2019 in 18:43

    VK id 216169934 is a scammer asking for money


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