How to delete a follower in social network


How do I delete a follower in social network Followers do not have any special rights: they can view only content of your profile that is visible to all VK users. Private content marked as «friends only» is not available for them.

If you do not want someone in your followers list, you can block this user. Just open the «My followers» section and click on the cross icon in the upper-right corner of the follower’s photo.

A user can be removed from your blacklist in 15 minutes but this person will no longer be your follower.

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3 комментария
  1. Concerned third party 30.03.2016 in 13:42

    Then he will appear in my block list. But i want to make him disappear from my account just like erase option in other programs. Thank you in advance. 

    • tfadmin 30.03.2016 in 18:33

      Unfortunately this is not possible.

  2. GayPeopleSUcks 17.02.2017 in 15:26

    VK sucks, how a simple bullshit like this cant be possible?


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