How do I hide page from other users in social network


How do I hide page from other users in social network You cannot completely hide your page, but you can set possible privacy settings here:

To hide a photo album you created, please click the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of the album cover → «Who can view this album?»/»Who can comment on the photos», choose there necessary restrictions.

Automatically created albums «My profile photos», «My wall photos», «Saved photos» cannot be hidden.

  1. To hide a video:
    Videos uploaded by you (i.e. all videos you have uploaded before the section update and other videos you add) can be hidden here Use the pencil icon.
  2. Videos uploaded by someone else can be added to a hidden video album. Go to «My Videos» → «Albums» → «New folder» (in the upper-right) → «Who can view this album?». Then just click on the stripes icon of the video you want to hide and move it to the album.

If you want to hide your page from a certain person and restrict even private messages sending, add them to your blacklist:

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  1. Sikhani brother 14.05.2019 in 00:09 pe Yar girls friend ny mujh block Kar dia hai
    na message jata hai na call koi solution batao unblocked ka


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