How to hide app in iOS 9 without jailbreak


Once upon a time, mobile operating system iOS accommodated only a dozen of applications. Over time, the list of installed programs increased and iOS 9 can store it only on two desktops. To make it clearer — why we can’t undeleted Watch application, if we do not have Apple watches? Where to put all the unnecessary firmware? Here we will tell you about a magic way.

How to hide app in iOS 9 without jailbreak

How to Hide Stock Apple Apps without jailbreak

YouTube-blogger Jose Rodriguez found an interesting way to temporarily hide the applications that they could not slaughter desktops. It is possible thanks to a bug in iOS 9 which has not yet been fixed a. Let’s rather go to the manual, with which you will able to make sure that the process really works.

  1. Click on the application that you want to hide, and do not release your finger.
  2. Without lifting your finger, drag the icon of the application to any other program.
  3. Now we have a folder. Move the unnecessary application to the second page of the folder.
  4. Finally, move the application icon to the third page, but do not release it, do not remove your finger.
  5. Now carry the icon in the corner of any folder and at the same time press Home.
  6. That’s all.

Do not worry, the program simply disappeared from the desktop, but you can run it through Spotlight. Note that after a reboot hidden app will reappear. We think that Apple already knows about this bug and will eliminate it in future versions of iOS 9.

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