5 Trusted Online Identity Threat Protection Solutions


Online crime is happening around us far more often than you usually notice. More people are using the Internet than ever before, including those with little or no information about online crime. As expected, criminals deceive people at an alarming rate.

Phishing attacks, online identity theft and data breaches are commonplace today, with more sophisticated attack methods being discovered every day.

What does your online identity mean?

What does your online identity mean

If you’re an avid internet user, you’ve probably lost track of how many times you had to enter your name, age, or email address when visiting a website. In addition to the information you voluntarily enter online, activity trackers and behavior monitors are added to your personal information. All of this together contributes to the formation of your online identity.

The sheer amount of information available on the Internet about the active Internet user is enough to surprise you. Tech giants like Google have your likes and dislikes, the places you visit frequently, the people you talk to, and more, stored as part of your online identity. Companies typically use this information to display personalized ads and find leads. In addition, data analysts use this data to gain valuable insights for their business and to strengthen their marketing strategy.

What happens when your online identity gets stolen?

What happens when your online identity gets stolen

You can face serious consequences if this information is stolen in a personalized attack or in the event of a data breach. Scammers can then use this information to steal your money or commit crimes on your behalf.

Some other common post-identity theft practices include:

  • Make purchases using your debit / credit card details.
  • Issuing new credit cards using your personal information.
  • Using your Social Security number to file tax returns and receive refunds.
  • Using your health insurance to seek medical attention.
  • Using your identity and financial standing to undergo a background check on a job or rental property.

These actions in many cases can lead to both financial and emotional turmoil.

There are many great identity threat protection software that comes with a variety of different feature sets. Let’s take a look at the best personal protections and the benefits of using them.



BullGuard is an effective tool to protect your online identity while performing your daily online routine. The best part of the service is cloud protection, which means you don’t have to install anything on your devices to stay secure. BullGuard scans the Internet several times throughout the day to check for leaks related to your network identity. Later, he will also tell you about ways to contain your losses in the event of identity theft through preventive alerts.

BullGuard automatically protects your sensitive data such as email addresses, phone details, driver’s license numbers, passport details and more. It also adds your personal information to their database, which they use to alert you when someone tries to access your credentials. In the event of a theft alert, you can immediately contact their expert support to help you with the necessary steps to protect your data.

Total protection premium

Total protection premium

Total Defense is one of the most highly requested online threat protection services currently available. Threat Protection includes many valuable features such as anti-ransomware, anti-phishing, multi-device and cloud protection, and identity theft protection.

Total Defense provides strong protection while you browse the Internet, warning you against phishing attacks, Internet scams, malicious websites and more that seek to steal your online identity. Bank details are another confidential information that scammers love to steal.



You can foresee McAfee’s level of security as they provide $ 1 million in identity theft insurance along with their premium plan. McAfee Identity Protection Tool is easy to use, yet it ensures that you get all the security features to protect your online identity. Each identity theft plan includes multi-device support, internet firewall, real-time virus protection, password manager, PC optimizer, and more. In addition to these convenient features, you also get expert security support to help you deal with any technical difficulties you may encounter while using the service.



Remembering passwords is becoming more difficult with the advent of new online services. Most people tend to use the same passwords for most of their services, which is a serious mistake if your goal is to protect your online identity. A hacker can access all the online services you use if they crack one of your passwords, making the situation almost irreversible. F-Secure is a powerful online tool that combines password management and advanced privacy protection and presents it to you as a complete package.

Password Manager gives you the ability to create strong passwords for you and also store them in its database. F-Secure then uses those passwords and your email accounts to search for identity theft on the Internet while scanning the Internet in real time.

Life lock

Life lock

Life Lock is essentially your online identity insurance combined with a highly effective identity protection service. You get all the benefits of having a personal data protection service on your side, but without the risk of losing your assets in the event of identity theft. The service is convenient and simple; You can sign up for protection in a matter of minutes by entering your email address and that’s it.

Life Lock scans the entire Internet for vulnerabilities or stolen information and alerts you if they find anything that should bother you. They send alerts via text messages, email, phone and mobile apps so you are aware of potential risks as soon as possible. You also get a VPN service with Life Lock, which provides an extra layer of masking your information while you surf the Internet.

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