The best anti-virus apps for Android

Do we need anti-virus software on Android operating system? Whether it vulnerable just like Windows? If so, which one is the best to choose? All this you can find in our article about the best antivirus for Android.

The idea of ​​installing security software on Android smartphone or tablet may seem excessive, but there are many good reasons to consider this possibility, namely:

  • A large number of malicious applications on websites and even on Google Play.
  • Unsafety of visit on a mobile site.
  • Device protection.
  • Data backup security.
  • Monitoring and scaning the device for viruses in microSD-cards or other sources.

If you want to keep your device safely, then you definitely need anti-virus software. Which is better to choose — read on.

The best anti-virus apps for Android

Avast Mobile Security 5.0.10

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus offers many convenient security tools, including a backup function for smartphones and tablets. If you want to use a full version — be prepared to fork out and put a certain amount of access to premium functionality that is particularly unremarkable except for the main scan for viruses.

The anti «theft» of mobile devices that are installed as a standalone application, includes invisible app — that thieves will not be able to remove. Using the web console or command text messages from another smartphone, you can potentially catch the thief spying him by the front or the main camera, or secretly recording sound — all this can later be downloaded to a personal computer, to process, and then catch the criminal. In addition, there is an option that will enable a kind of siren and «aloud» message, «This phone was lost or stolen.»

In addition, you can remotely locate smartphone or table, on a map, lock or delete all data. Other notable features include applications blocking, which forces the user to enter a PIN-code to open a specific application: it is easy to shut out access to Google Play or the web browser if you regularly give kids the device to play games. Built-in firewall allows you to prevent applications to use mobile networks (3G, 4G LTE), wireless interface Wi-Fi or data roaming.

Call blocking allows you to restrict calls or text messages from the selected subscribers to the schedule of your choosing. A separate application Mobile Backup synchronizes copies of your photos, music, videos, applications and other files on Google Drive account. One of the weakest parts of Avast — alone anti-virus protection. Often, the application simply does not detect some viruses and malicious programs, and does not respond to phishing links in the SMS-mailings. In any case, the application is able to provide decent functionality — for a fee you can get more.

Kaspersky Internet Security

The Kaspersky company has joined security applications for Android smart phones and tablets in one product. In some respects, Kaspersky Anti-Virus can make life a bit more complicated to the user than it should be.

By default, Kaspersky Anti-Virus will keep an eye out for all the malicious applications. If you wish to use scanning files and browser protection, you have to pay and purchase more functional versions with available options for enhanced protection. It should be noted that after the first inclusion of Kaspersky Internet Security sends a notification stating that the browser was used to download the test virus, and then he was put in «quarantine».

There is the main anti-theft functionality. Remote commands can be sent either via SMS or well thought out Kaspersky Web console. Well-known functions such as blocking and search for the device accurately determine the position on the smart phone as a Wi-Fi, and a 3G /4G. The pros are represented by the ability to insert custom messages in the lock screen notification: an ideal bonus for those who want to offer instructions on how to return a lost smartphone or tablet owner.

Functions like «Find the thief» with the secret removal of the photos do its job admirably, providing clear images in which it is possible to determine who is using the device. There is also calls and text messages locking. Privacy Protection, meanwhile, lets you hide some contacts from your address book and set them with PIN-code.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton — one of the biggest names in the field of security, along with Kaspersky and others. Mobile application Norton Mobile Security for Android scans the web browser to find suspicious activity, offers anti-theft functionality, locks the device in an emergency and is able to perform many other operations.

The app does not offer as many anti-theft features, how many of them available in Avast. You can remove anything and everything from the device — one of the functions of a premium Norton Mobile Security. Management of the device via SMS or the Web console is not finalized. The function does not perform a complete reset to factory default settings, but only cleans contacts, files and other personal data. Access to Gmail and Google Play is open, so thieves will feel at ease.

Locking your smartphone or tablet is more effective, but it does not send any audio signals that can draw the attention of passers-by. You can also enter a custom message on the lock screen to try to convince the new owners to return the unit for a fee. There is a location tracking device installed in Norton Antivirus.

Calls blocking in its infancy can be compared with the Avast functional. You can choose which telephone numbers to block, or a specific contact, as well as text messages, but there is no detailed schedule. The Norton Mobile Security can backup only valid phonebook. Among the unusual features worth noting the preliminary scanning application from Google Play.

Avira 4.2

One of the most popular antivirus programs for computers have long been moved to the Android operating system, where Avira has successfully gained a large audience. Functional mobile application Avira Antivirus Security is comparable to competitors in this article, but often lose at some point.

The main function of the anti-virus applications — checking device for malicious elements. With this Avira Antivirus Security handles well, and sometimes even great. Developers regularly update the database, and the program checks for internal and external storage fast enough. Upon completion of the scan, you can see which of the installed apps collects most of the user data.

Anti-theft functionality is at an average level. You can see the location of a not very high accuracy is a function of the remote data erasure, sending a loud beep to find a lost device, and you can still display a special message for the new owner.

All installed applications deny access to files and personal data without asking — a great feature if you often try new programs. Among the additional and useful features it also includes the addition of certain contacts in the black list and the ability to manage multiple devices through a web portal. There are premium features that are available only for the money: a safe internet surfing, a topical anti-virus database and full support from Avira experts.

AVG Mobile AntiVirus — 5.1.1

AVG Mobile AntiVirus — one of the most popular among free antiviruses. Despite the fact that AVG often suffers unnecessary functionality like «performance optimization», the application still provides all the necessary functionality to support the device safely.

Anti-virus protection offers the standard features: scanning device for malicious programs, safe internet surfing websites and checking for the presence of dangerous elements — even before opening site the AVG automatically redirects the user to a secure page.

There are anti-theft features: the device detection on a map, remote lock, sending a loud signal to search. Some features of the Anti-Theft function are available only to fee, for example — the camera-trap and lock automatically when you try to remove the SIM-card. Also there is the standard features like call and SMS blocking from certain contacts and the prohibition of unauthorized access to data for third-party applications.

Also, you may like:

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus — good for comfort and design, but not the best in functionality antivirus from the well-known developer.

McAfee Security — antivirus software from a reputable company, which was founded by John McAfee, but now it belongs to Intel. Good functional without superfluous elements.

Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus — program from renowned security corporation. It has a free basic functionality without advertising.

All presented in this article applications are somehow similar in functionality or features, but some do their job better than others. You can determine the appropriate anti-virus only by testing. If you don’t try itself – you will never know for sure.

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