Release date of iOS 10 has become known


Siri assistant, frankly speaking, is not even in the top of ten most sought iOS functions. Most of its features users replace with manual control and navigation on the desktop or application store. However, many somehow forget that Siri, which is Apple Inc. virtual employee can tell about many releases of the company, even before the official announcement. For example, about iOS 10 release date.

Siri caused another leak, giving publicity to the very Barbra Streisand. The famous singer, became widely known in the middle of the last century, was forced to turn to Apple asking to correct Siri pronunciation. According to the actress, voice assistant incorrectly pronounced her name, making too much emphasis on the «S» letter, which should sound softer. As the sand on the beach, — Barbra explained.

As for the release date of iOS 10, then, according to the singer in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cupertino plans to submit update 3 weeks after the expected presentation of the iPhone 7. This information, despite unconfirmed character, according to Streisand, was received from Tim Cook himself, who agreed to independently monitor Siri changes. Upcoming changes will be included in Siri responses after one of the next updates on September 30.

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