Mrt.exe — what this process is?


Quite often, users are interested in the question: «mrt.exe — what is this?». If you look at it, this is a short for Microsoft Removal Tool, a special Windows program that is an executable file. Its main function is to automatically start all possible means of removing viruses and malicious software. It can also be called a scanner, which very quickly and quickly recognizes various viruses and spyware in Windows.

In addition, this utility is able to neutralize them by quarantining or completely deleting them. However, it is worth remembering that this program is not a panacea for viruses. It only detects them after a total infection of the computer and the introduction of software code in Windows.

To understand what kind of process mrt exe is, we recommend running the utility and seeing it in action with your own eyes. You can see it if you did not initially delete it from your device, and also if you use the original Windows OS.

Where is mrt.exe stored?

Obviously, mrt exe is a system utility, so it lies in the Windows folder.

  1. On the desktop, open «This computer».
  2. Next, we go to drive C. In our case, it is a system one. As a rule, in all devices, drive C contains system information and files, but there may be exceptions.
  3. Select the «Windows» folder.
  4. Next, look for a folder called «System32» and go into it.
  5. In the dialog that opens with different folders, you need to find a file called mrt exe.
  6. Further, it can be started to check the computer for viruses or malicious programs.

It should be remembered that mrt exe is not an antivirus, because:

  • It does not automatically offer a single tool to protect against viruses. The utility removes viruses from Windows OS after infection of the latter;
  • works on the principle of detecting and identifying only those types of viruses and spyware that Microsoft classifies as the most potentially dangerous and significant. Meanwhile, various anti-virus applications work with a much wider range of viruses and are able to recognize many more programs that can by their actions cause irreparable damage to the computer and files stored on it.
  • Unlike anti-viruses, which can be updated every day, it is updated once a month.

Replacing mrt exe from Windows can be a normal antivirus, which will be of great benefit, as it prevents the original infection of the device with viruses.

How to get rid of mrt exe?

In principle, the user can and refuse mrt exe, because a lot of different malicious programs are perfectly masked under the guise of this executable, which is misleading.

To delete the mrt exe file, go to system32, find it and press the Delete key. We do not recommend doing this. Another protection does not hurt. If it loads the processor, then after starting the PC, just stop the process, as described above.

In addition, even if you have this utility on your computer, we recommend that you perform systematic checks of stored information and applications by any antivirus program that is available in your access.

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