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A new free Kaspersky utility Kaspersky Cleaner is designed to clean Windows 10, Windows 8 and 7 from temporary files, cache, tracks work programs and other elements, as well as to adjust the transfer of personal data to the OS.

In some ways Kaspersky Cleaner is reminiscent to CCleaner popular program, with a set of several available options already. However, for the novice user who wants to clean up the system, this tool can be a great choice as the use of the program both in automatic and manual mode will not be difficult.

Cleaning Windows in Kaspersky Cleaner

After starting the program, you will see a simple interface with a button «start Test» to run a search of the elements, which can be purified using the default settings, and four points for setting items, folders, files, Windows settings that should be checked when cleaning.

Cleaning System — includes clearing the cache settings, temporary files, recycle bin, protocols (the last point for me was not entirely clear, since by default, the program decided to remove protocols VirtualBox and Apple, but after checking they continued to work and remain at the site is possible. under them it meant something other than network protocols).

System Restore settings — includes fixes for important files associations spoofing of system elements or blocking their launch and other bug fixes or adjustments that are typical when there are problems with the work of Windows, and system programs.

Protection of data collection — disables some of the features tracking Windows 10 and earlier versions.

Remove traces of activity — clears browsers, search history, temporary Internet files, cookies, and history for popular applications and other traces of your activities that may be of interest to anyone.

After pressing «Start Scan» app starts automatic scanning system, then you will see a graphical display of the number of problems for each of the categories. By clicking on any of the items, you can familiarize yourself with what problems were discovered, as well as disable the cleaning of items that you would not want to clean.

Fixing Windows problems in Kaspersky Cleaner

By pressing «Correct» button it clears all the things that were found and should be cleaned on a computer in accordance with the settings. Done. Also, after cleaning the computer on the main screen of the program there will be a new button «Cancel Changes», which will return all the original state if any problems after cleaning.

Free Download Kaspersky Cleaner

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