How to delete history on computer?


While online, you visit different sites. Even if you do not have any online resource in the «Favorites», you can find this website by referring to the history of visits and specifying the desired time period. But there are situations when you need to hide from prying information about the search on the Internet or on the sites that you visit. In such cases, you need to delete the history of visited sites on the computer. In addition, the cleaning of free space on your hard drive can speed up your computer.

How to delete history on computer?

How to delete history on computer?

  1. If your browser is Internet Explorer, go to the Internet and go to the main menu on the tab «Tools». Select «Internet Options» and go to «General» tab in the pop-up menu. Locate the «History» section and click «Delete». The computer makes a request to delete. Confirm answer «Yes».
  2. In addition, in the same dialog box there is section «Temporary Internet files». Click «Delete Files». A dialog box appears where you need to put a tick next to the message «Delete all offline content». Then click «OK». Information about the history of visiting web resources will be deleted.
  3. If your Internet browser is Mozilla Firefox, go to the Internet and in the main menu, go to «Tools». Select «Settings» in the pop-up menu. Click «Privacy». Locate the «History» section. Click on the button «Clear your recent history». Information about the browsing history is deleted.
  4. If you have the Opera browser, then go to the Internet and in the main menu click on the icon «History» (looks like a clock). This will bring up a list of periods: today, yesterday, this week, this month, earlier. Click on the selected period, which will make it active (it appears on blue background). Slightly higher on this line there is icon «Delete» (a bucket). Click on it and information about the history of visited Internet resources will be deleted.

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