QuickBinder — This is a program for GTA SA-MP, it provides the ability to assign actions to certain keys. If you often have to enter a command, for example, /opendoor, /enter, /exit, /bussineswithdraw etc. then this program is for you. Now it is very popular in servers Role Play mode, who does not like you to know how many teams there or how often you have to repeat certain phrases. Playing the role of the police during the chase you need to shout something like «stop immediately and push to the side of the road» as they lose the time here that you and help out QuickBinder.

There is also a support for profiles with a volume of 100 appointments, ie without any effort, you can change the profile of «Taxi Driver» to «Police», will share the profile with a friend or a new member of the team.

Some additional features:

  • Automatic start sa-mp, that allows you to open QuickBinder, and with it will automatically open samp.
  • Automatic closing QuickBinder on SA-MP completion.
  • Hiding QuickBinder window during startup.
Free Download QuickBinder 1.7

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