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After the latest Knights of the Old Republic update on Nintendo Switch, players can easily access the cheat menu at any time/ Simply press the left stick three times to open the menu. You will then have access to the KOTOR code treasury at any time in the game. From there you have the choice to use it for good or bad.

Why should I use codes?

Why should I use codes

Using cheats can make game purists raise an eyebrow, but they can work wonders to enrich the player experience — especially on an older game.

There are two main philosophies for using KOTOR cheats on the Nintendo Switch:

  • You already beat KOTOR and you just want to have fun. Grinding to experience and high-level equipment can feel like work, why go through it again? Increasing your Character’s XP or earning extra Credits can speed up the game. You can also use a few game-breaking codes to go on a well-deserved journey of power, or play your character in a more specific way.
  • You missed KOTOR at launch and want to see what it’s all about. There may be drawbacks to playing a game from 20 years ago, with the slower pace being the most noticeable. A few well-planned cheats can help get things going when you feel like grind is embarrassing your style. And since you get nothing of the nostalgia factor here, some crazy cheats like adding Jedi weapons and maximizing fun feats can help spruce up your game.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is doing surprisingly well for its age in 2022, and the game doesn’t necessarily need cheats to be tasty. However, some of these KOTOR cheats are too damn fun not to play with.

List of KOTOR codes available on the Nintendo Switch

List of KOTOR codes available on the Nintendo Switch

There is quite a rich arsenal of useful KOTOR cheats available to help speed up your character’s journey to the light or dark side of the force:

  • add any feat, power, or skill;
  • add 1000 Experience;
  • add 5000 Experience;
  • add 10,000 Experience;
  • turbo speed;
  • create an item;
  • spawn Cheat Bot;
  • camera adjustment.

Add any guide for feats, powers, or skills

Add any guide for feats, powers, or skills

In this menu, you can add any feat, power or skill to your protagonist’s skill pool.

  • Feats: Add any feat to your character. Feats are useful ways to provide you with perks such as engaging in duels with weapons or meeting equipment requirements such as heavy armor. You can have fun role-playing your character as a master sniper by choosing a weapon specialization in blaster rifles and a master sniper shot. Or you can go crazy by mastering a little bit of everything. If you want to use a Lightsaber early (more on that in a moment, because of course you do!), You must at least add the Weapon Focus Perk: Lightsaber. You can also upgrade to a higher Weapon Proficiency or Mastery Level if you want to feel more like a Jedi Master or a Sith.
  • Abilities: add any power to your character. Skip hours of intense Jedi training and meditation and become the end user of strength immediately. Powers unlock useful abilities like heals, buffs like the Master of Valor, and powerful attacks like Force Lightning, which make breaking your way through enemies a lot more fun. Unfortunately, you can’t seem to add any powers to your character until you’ve unlocked Force sensitivity through narrative — so there’s no power to strangle Bendak Starkiller on Taris’ friends.
  • Skills: Maximize any skill for your character’s level. Here you can choose to maximize: using a computer, demolition, trick, awareness, to persuade, repair, security, treatment of the injury. Selecting any of these cheats will automatically raise your skills to the maximum for your level. Interclass skills will be weakened accordingly and class skills will be maxed out. If you want to raise your stats even higher, you need to level up your character first.

Add experience

Add experience

The next three KOTOR cheats for the Nintendo Switch are simple, so you can add 1000, 5000 or 10,000 exp at a time. This allows you to power up a bit if you just want to avoid grinding or breaking through your opponent.

Turbo speed

Turbo speed

Probably the most fun and helpful scammer. If you think KOTOR’s pace is too slow and you’re not there for sights, Turbo speed is like a fast forward button. This may break your immersion in watching your character’s power absurdly wander the Star Wars universe, but it saves a lot of time. Just select Turbo speed in the menu again to slow down again.

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