How Combat System Works in Final Fantasy XV?

If you compare Final Fantasy XV’s combat system with the same one from other parts of the series you will find out that it is different. The game adapted fighting system from Kingdom Heart series that can be confusing for some players. In this article we present tips for better understanding of How Combat System Works in Final Fantasy XV.

  1. Combos can make battles a lot easier, in case if do them correctly. Combo Warp-strikes, normal attacks with Blindside attacks to damage well your enemy.
  2. Stay together with group members to survive. Be close to other members in case if you enter Danger Mode while combat.
  3. by Use Wait Mode to Find the enemy’s weakness or scan enemy with Libra. Knowing enemies weakness can give you best opportunity to damage well, making the fight easier.
  4. Use parry and dodging to be crucial in battles. Avoid enemy attacks with the help of them and stay in battle for a long time.

Use Blindside attacks as they are very helpful while you battle. Blindside attacks provide damage, and also can be triggered to a Link Attack. Link Attacks can be transfered inNoctis to perform a one more stronger Blindside attack. This combo provides a lot of damage so you can win a fight easily.

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