How to earn money in Final Fantasy XV?

Earning money in the game can become a big problem for you, since it is not generous to them, even in the sense that if you kill a monster in some dungeon. Nevertheless, the world of FF XV still has several ways that you can put together yourself a no condition. About them will be discussed in this guide.

Hunting contracts

Hunting contracts are an excellent and most consistent way to earn money at an early stage of the game. While traveling around the world stop in any pub or restaurant, and then find the owner and talk to him. Most contracts will offer you a cash reward, but there are some where for the work you will be able to get some treasure, healing items or accessories.

However, be very careful with the level that is specified next to each job. A waste of time would be a contract that you are currently not able to pull. Also, some missions will require you a certain rank, which you can get only by performing first contracts are available to you. In addition, at a time you can take only one contract.

Growing of vegetables and agriculture

In FF XV you can grow carrots. In a certain moment in history, you have an opportunity to get a cabin with a kitchen garden. There you will be able to start and maintain agriculture, because your inventory is replenished with seeds of carrots. By planting carrots some rest and check the fruit on the next morning. This is an excellent, and most importantly — a stable source of income. Especially that almost does not require you to no effort. In addition to patience, of course.

After collecting sufficient number of crop go to the owner of a restaurant. There you will be able to sell their game for good money. Moreover, and as a kind of alternative to the restaurant owner will offer you a special improvement that one way or another related to the carrot — weapons, spare parts and so on.

Treasure Sale

As the study of the world around you, you’ll find it all the more treasures that can be sold in stores. But the guys at your own risk, or their same discretion. Because first, they can also be used to develop spells. And secondly, the money is not possible to fully assess the value of something, because it is much cooler can manifest itself, for example, in the battle.


Photograph specific locations for the journalist and his articles. Get rich, if not immediately, then very quickly. Each task consists of a simple string of actions — go to the landscape, made a picture, went back to companion, and receive from him a whopping 12,000 units of the local contingent. And often, even more.

Meanwhile, remember the time of day. Some pictures need to be done only at night or during the day. Calculate the length of the trip and find yourself a pre-place to sleep, if the target is far too well. Moreover, sooner or later, a chain of quests will end too. So do not do it for myself main income. Treat it as a highly paid hobby, for example. Relax, Express yourself, and do everything to make your hobby become your own work.

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