How to find and use the Elite Class in Battlefield 1?

You started playing in the open beta of Battlefield 1? Then you should get to know one of the features borrowed from past DICE games — Elite classes. But this is not exactly the characters that were in Star Wars, but just the soldiers who have unique abilities.

What is the elite class of Battlefield 1?

In fact, this is a «Picked» class from BF4, Hardline or Battlefront. Each Elite class is designed for a specific role, so it is incredibly powerful in its execution.

What Elite classes are in Battlefield 1?

The beta has three of them: flamethrower, Heavy and tanks hunter

How to get Battlefield Elite Class 1?

Elite class is presented by th specific points on the map — who gets the first one receives it. If you pick up the elite class, no one than you can not use it.

Where to pick up the elite class of Heavy in Sinai desert?

Its spawn point near is the capture point «F». This class is equipped with a huge machine gun and heavy armor. It is capable of firing a hail of bullets, but the accuracy is not very high and it does not have a gas mask.

Where to pick up the Elite Class «Tanks hunter» in Sinai desert?

Its spawn point is near the capture point «E».

This class is equipped with anti-tank rifle. This is a slow weapon that can be used against light infantry and vehicles, but the most effective rifle works against heavy armored vehicles at long range.

Where to pick up «Flamethrower» in Sinai desert?

Its spawn point is near the point of capture «B» — next to the destroyed building.

This class is equipped with a flamethrower and incendiary grenades that makes it especially deadly against infantry. However, the region flamethrower review is very limited because of the mask, but if it gets to you, you can prepare to spawn.

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