How can I convert experience to free experience?

Firstly, you will need to have an elite tank. Once you have it, you need to earn experience which can be done by playing random battles or Clan Wars. Don’t forget that Accelerated crew training will prevent you from accumulating any experience on the tank (the experience gained will be automatically converted to crew experience).

As soon as you have some experience on an elite tank, you can click on the ‘’Convert Experience’’ button in the upper right corner of your garage.


After you select this button, a window will pop up showing you a list of your elite tanks. You can select multiple elite tanks to convert gained experience (you can also choose the amount of experience to convert. At the bottom of the list, you can see an overview of the amount of experience you will be converting and how much gold it will cost you.



Once you have selected your desired experience and pressed the ‘’Convert’’ button, you will be prompted with a confirmation window summarising the final purchase.



By clicking ‘’Transfer’’, you are finalising the conversion and a confirmation message will be displayed in the lower right corner.


Now you can enjoy your free experience! 🙂

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