9 Tips for playing Battlefield 1 beta

Today it started Battlefied 1 open testing for everyone for free. Some are new, some are veteran, but these few tips can go in your favor during the battles in the Sinai desert map, which is available on the test until 8 September.

# 1 Opening of weapons is defined by the rank of the class

This feature is easy to miss, but worth remembering now — you will discover new weapons for each class individually that  does not depend on your overall level. Your overall rank is displayed in the main menu — in the upper right corner. All the actions that you make in the game, increase your level. Your class level can be seen in the customization menu. The new equipment is opened by means of a pumping and with the help of Warbonds.

# 2 Find locations of all elite classes

Elite classes — a specialized, selected on the map modifiers that turn you into one of the three elite fighters: Tanks Hunter, Flamethrowers or Heavy.

# 3 Bomber on the fighter

Battlefield Beta 1 includes three types of aircraft: attack, fighter and bomber.

Fighter — the fastest and easiest, but even the most fragile of the three, especially against Tanks Hunter. However, if you play a fighter, you should take the bomber equipment, which allows to produce guided missiles with a large area of destruction. With this combination you can make a bloody mess.

# 4 Grass snipers

Although gas grenades will not allow to get rid of the snipers at long range, but if you get closer and covertly, then be sure to use gas.

# 5 Shoot rider

Horses in Battlefield 1 managed surprisingly deftly and can not only act as a means of transportation, but also weapons — they can push, beat or shoot enemies. Horses have a lot of health, so do not shoot at them. Instead, shoot for the rider himself. After killing him, you will be able to sit on his horse and continue the attack.

# 6 Playing for stormtroopers use Automatico M1918

Of course, there is the matter of personal preference, but from all weapons available in Battlefield 1 beta, Beretta Model 1918 or Automatico M1918 — one of the most powerful.

The beta has three variations: trench reduces the accuracy and agility, but allows perfect shooting from the hip, at the same time is available from the first level. Factory version is available for 40 bonds, as in the beginning.

# 7 Use smoke grenades

Do not forget that in addition to gas grenades Battlefield beta 1 has smoke bombs, which are particularly useful in assault mode. Try to take a couple of times in order to evaluate their effectiveness on the battlefield. Use smoke grenades instead of conventional grenades. You can choose to customize the screen. Medic can use smoke grenades for rifle.

# 8 Atillery on defense

If you play defense side, do not forget about it! Artillery in BF1 is not controlled by a player — the game itself chooses the point of bombing. In the event of an attack, your job is to undermine the pillars. Note, the charge can neutralize!

# 9 Defense of the captured points

For Merlin’s beard, do not run away from the point once captured. Note flag that appears on the captured basis. With the help of technology, you can do a patrol detour and go to a new point much quicker than on foot.

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