How to fix error 96064c5a, crashes and bugs in NBA 2K17?


Already legendary in some circles of people playing basketball series NBA 2K by Visual Concepts received another already the 18th game in a row — NBA 2K17. The history of the franchise begins in quite far 1999. Though it’s been so long, but the product still gives hundreds of hours of fun to fans of the simulator worldwide. All anything, but in today’s realities release of any game is always accompanied by a variety of problems: bugs, errors and departures.

How to fix error 96064c5a in NBA 2K17?

Error 96064c5a does not make a face scanning, go to the multiplayer mode, go to MyPark or even shop. A very small number of users of the game encountered this error. However, one gamer shared a few possible solutions:

  1. You need to free up more space on your hard drive. It is not known how it is connected, but it has helped for some people.
  2. Fully view designers logo. Everytime. Suffice it difficult task, because they are long enough.
  3. Whatever it was, all these methods are only a temporary solution. It remains to wait for the official patch.

Message «A problem has been encountered…» in NBA 2K17

Message «A problem has been encountered that prevents gameplay from continuing. This game will not be counted» may appear on your screen while playing online. One player in NBA 2K17 called tech support and they suggested him to resolve the problem. This problem is solved by changing some settings on your WiFi-router. So this method is only suitable for owners of the add devices. Take the following steps:

  1. Go to the settings of your WiFi-router.
  2. Next, go to advanced settings and look for the UPnP setting.
  3. Turn off the UPnP option.

After these steps, you should be able to properly play the online modes.

Bug with a message on a mobile phone in NBA 2K17

In the game you can get a different messages to the mobile phone. Because of a bug in the game, you can not flip through them below. Some users have found a solution for this problem. You need to do the following:

  1. The first thing you should do is to put in the game frame rate to 60 fps.
  2. Then turn off the vertical synchronization.

Crashes during cut scenes in MyCareer in NBA 2K17?

At the moment, the problem is considered by tech support. Some users have shared it possible interim solutions. If you own a Nvidia GTX series graphics card, then try to reduce the quality of anti-aliasing in the game to 1 or turn it off entirely. This should at least reduce the frequency of flights. 

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