How to fix errors, crashes and bugs in Dead Rising?

Dead rising it’s pretty popular zombie game which has been released in 2006. All of the games in series have versions on different platforms, but not the first game. Original Dead Rising has been released only on Xbox 360. But in 2016 it’s happened. Dead Rising released on Steam. Unfortunately, this port of game has some bugs and errors in it. This article will collected errors and fixes for them.

Fixes for errors, crashes and bugs in Dead Rising

Damaged save files 

The development team was able to identify root of the problem. Developers already preparing a new path for game to solve this problem. 

Game has big leak in RAM when you take a lots of shots and collected more than 30 photos. So keep this in mind, do not collect more than 30 photos and your save files can live.

Sound problem 

This problem don’t have yet official solution. Developers team already try to fix this unpleasant bug.

But users find some bizarre solution for this sound problem:

  • Update your Internet Explorer browser to 11 version.
  • After that make complete restart of your computer.
  • And then you need to start your game.

This solution is indeed really strange but it helps for some users.

Error with DirectX and crashes at start

This two problems appear when you don’t have some of updates on operating system Windows 7.

Installation of this update should resolve some problems with DirectX.

Also game could crashes at start when you try to record some footage with FRAPS.

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