How to fix Errors, Crashes, Low FPS issues and other problems in Football Manager 2017?

Football Manager represents one of the famous running Football games after FIFA and PES. However, you become only manager here, not a player. Along with mixed reviews the games has faced many errors and other issues that make gamers life more difficult. In this article we present solutions on how to fix Errors, Crashes, Low FPS issues and other problems in Football Manager?

How to fix Football Manager 2017 Crashes on Startup ?

  1. Download Driver Scanner
  2. Scan for drivers
  3. Update needed drivers by one click.

How to fix Low FPS issues in Football manager 2017?

  • Lower render resolution, deleting the config file, lowering textures, etc.
  • Set the “power management mode” to “prefer maximum performance” in Nvidia control panel> Manage 3D settings
  • Set High priority to Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare in Task Manager.

How to fix Dll Error in Football manager 2017?

  1. Download Dll-Files Client
  2. Enter the name of needed Dll file in search bar
  3. Click first result and install the file.
  4. That’s all.

How to fix Football manager 2017 won’t launch-Steam issue?

  1. Open steam library and then open properties.
  2. Verify for Game cache on local files tab
  3. If this solutions cannot help you – reinstall the game

How to fix Blank screen while opening Football Manager 2017?

  • Update Video card drivers
  • Change rendering mode for Video card and GPU to Software rendering Mode.

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