How to make money in Disco Elysium?


The currency in Disco Elysium is called real. If you want to get something, for example, a card, you will need to find a way to make money. Moreover, after you talk with the hotel manager, you will realize that 130 reals were damaged due to a stormy evening. This is 130 reals more than your current balance.

It is worth noting that if you do not have a place to sleep, you will have to pay 20 reals for every night at the hotel. Thus, for the whole day you should not only advance in the investigation, but also earn as many rials as possible.

Coin collection

The first way to get reals is to pick them up from the ground or furniture. Small piles of coins are scattered around the world. Often they have a few cents. 

Collection and disposal of glass containers

The second way is to recycle any glass bottles you find in the game. Near the hotel there is a small Frittte store, right on the corner. Inside there is a bottle recycling machine that offers 10 cents for each bottle. The only drawback is that you cannot carry bottles in your hands; you need a bag. To find her, go left onto the main square of Martinaise. You will reach the shore, and a drunkard will stand at the stairs. At his feet lies a yellow bag. Pick it up, after which you can collect the bottles.

Selling items at a pawnshop

Another way is to sell things at a pawnshop. You can find it south of the hotel. This store is run by an interesting addicted guy. Bring him something interesting found in the world to earn rials. Here are some varieties of items for sale: the unusual pen that Kim gives, photographs, a mug. In fact, all that you do not need. The owner of the pawnshop is not only interested in your clothes.

Charity from Strangers

Finally, the last way to get money is to literally beg them from strangers. Although it is far from every character you can ask for money, there are options when this option becomes available. On the left bank of Martinaise there is a woman named Joyce Monsieur. Talk to her, after which you can ask for help. If you ask for a reasonable amount, you will most likely receive it. It’s a good idea to ask for 130 reals just to cover the damage done at the hotel.

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