The Outer Worlds guide — how to farm bits?


In The Outer Worlds, it is important not only to choose the right weapons and pump them in a timely manner, but also to understand as soon as possible the basic methods of farming bits. Bits will be needed for you to buy equipment or information that is useful when completing a task. Below we will tell you about the main ways to get them.

For the first time, you will understand the importance of a bit after you get to the Pioneer in the story, where you will be offered to buy a navigator key from Stellar Bay for 10,000 bits. And the Smuggler Gladys will not make any discounts!

Collection and sale of mining

The collection system in The Outer Worlds is similar to the Fallout series: you can find a wide variety of items that can be useful or absolutely useless to the protagonist. We strongly recommend that you pick up almost everything that you see in order to sell these items in the future to any merchant in Alkion. A little later, having mastered the skill of hacking level 20, you can sell things even through vending machines.

To strengthen the farm bit in this way, we recommend pumping abilities that increase the character’s carrying capacity and increase the cost of goods when they are sold.

Complete side quests

Side quests, like some story quests, are another way to make a decent bit of money. In addition to experience points, you will receive cash rewards and some other valuable things that, if you do not need them, can be sold to traders. Finally, during dialogs with many quest givers, there are additional branches that allow you to pass the test with persuasion, intimidation, or falsehood. If you perform such a check, you will surely get not only a bonus experience, but also additional bits.

Roseway and Gladys

Gladys, from whom you must buy a navigator key from Stellar Bay, will not make a discount on the item, however, he will advise you to visit Roseway — a settlement on Terre-2. Scientists who have valuable inventions live there. Move there, take some tasks and get to three corporate secrets. Instead of returning them to quest givers, take these secrets to Gladys. She can sell them profitably. However, even if you honestly complete your work, scientists will provide a good reward, and you will be able to collect the 10,000 bits needed to buy a navicluch.

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