How to play for Assault in Battlefield 1?

Assault Class has changed considerably since the time of the previous parts of BF. His equipment was revised. As well as the goals that he must destroy. Now the attack is a short-range guns, and can also use anti-tank mines and grenades. All this is very reminiscent of an engineer from the past BF.

Assault — a class for those who want to tear ahead and pave the way for others. Playing for a assalt, try not to die at the forefront of the battle as long as possible. Those who are already focused on the long or even middle distance. But not melee.


BF1 equipment in each class individually. Place stormtrooper at the forefront. That is why it is equipped with heavy weapons: anti-personnel mines and grenades, pistols and entry-level destructive dynamite.

Anti-tank grenades can be thrown a short distance. But be careful, they are not as easy as subversive modern devices. Because of this, they are more difficult to throw. At the very beginning of the game you get two pieces. Of course, pre-selecting the anti-tank grenades in slot gear. They explode when they hit the enemy vehicles or other objects on the map. Do not throw them too close to me, as an explosion and you can touch. Remember, these grenades can be used not only in respect of the various vehicles of the enemy, but also to punch holes in buildings or destroy overlap. Players of elite class will also have to beware.

Anti-tank mines are a lot like grenades, but you must use them more tactically. Place discharge the same on the ground and they will explode, when any traffic on them will pass. Crowded enemies map area similarly suited for this. And it’s better to be discovered and defused. If your mines will notice that a couple of shots from a pistol easily neutralize them.

Rocket Gun AT represents one of the earliest forms of the rocket launcher and a singly charged weapons in the game. It can be used against vehicles. But if to be smart, they can blow up buildings. The main caveat when using — before Rocket Gun At first shot must be installed on a bipod. Moreover, you will either have to lie on your stomach, or lean against the wall of a suitable size to stand automatically unfolded.

Dynamite functions like explosive C4 in other shooters. Throw it anywhere, and then remotely undermine. Not such a destructive explosives as anti-tank mines, but can still come in handy. Easy to use, why being in a difficult situation can often help you out.

Top 10 moments

  1. Objectives — tanks and other vehicles of the enemy. And the buildings and other constructions;
  2. Anti-tank grenades explode on impact. They cause great damage to the enemy’s equipment and the elite class enemy. In advance to calculate the trajectory of infantry and vehicles;
  3. The use of anti-tank rifle requires you to ensure that you are crouched. In this position, your damage radius is limited. However, feel free to use this weapon at long range;
  4. Destroy the building to create new ways for your teammates and to smoke out the infantry. Demolition of the roof and walls improves the visibility of everything that is going on inside;
  5. You will be armed with a gun and a shotgun. These weapons of medium and close range, so avoid open spaces. Try to come, if not to the enemy at close range, then as close as possible;
  6. If you installed a bayonet, then use their explosive charges to quickly withdraw from the open space. The shelters and in narrow spaces or small rooms, you will be much more comfortable. All the more so with a bayonet in the hands of you will be much faster and more mobile;
  7. Two stormtroopers under force to destroy the enemy tank in a matter of seconds. Collaborate with your team;
  8. Place the anti-tank mines on roads and strategic positions. But hide them as best as possible, since their removal to your enemy need only a few shots, even with a pistol;
  9. Use dynamite in these same locations. With the clarification that wait for the moment to undermine its most appropriate.
  10. Against infantry use submachine guns, shotguns and dynamite. Armor attack in the same dynamite and anti-tank missiles, mines and grenades.

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