How to throw dynamite in Battlefield 1?

Dynamite in BF1 can be very useful to you. It is especially good against enemy vehicles. Unfortunately, the default throw distance is poor. However, there are several ways to improve this figure. Basically, they are the same as in previous games. But now you in your hands instead of the dynamite charge C4. The only functional difference being that dynamite not be attached to the walls and vehicles.

So, how to throw dynamite on:

  1. The main cast in a standing position. Due to this, the throw distance is increased by default;
  2. Once you take aim, press the jump button. Dynamite fly slightly farther when using the first method;
  3. Moving forward, aim and jump immediately. You throw a charge even further than the second method.

It’s simple enough and obvious. Nevertheless, we recommend to you the third point. Keep throwing angle within 45 degrees. It is very important.

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